Active Packaging Influence on the Shelf Life of Milk Pomade Sweet – Sherbet
Commenced in January 2007
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Active Packaging Influence on the Shelf Life of Milk Pomade Sweet – Sherbet

Authors: Eva Ungure, Sandra Muizniece-Brasava, Lija Dukalska, Vita Levkane


The objective of the research was to evaluate the quality of milk pomade sweet – sherbet packed in different packaging materials (Multibarrier 60, met.BOPET/PE, Aluthen), by several packaging technologies – active and modified atmosphere (MAP) (consisting of 100% CO2), and control – in air ambiance. Experiments were carried out at the Faculty of Food Technology of Latvia University of Agriculture. Samples were stored at the room temperature +21±1 °C. The physiochemical properties – weight losses, moisture, hardening, colour and changes in headspace atmosphere concentration (CO2 and O2) of packs were analysed before packaging and after 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 storage weeks.

Keywords: packaging, shelf life, sherbet with crunchy peanut chip's

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