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Trajectory Control of a Robotic Manipulator Utilizing an Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode

Authors: T. C. Kuo


In this paper, a novel adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control method is proposed for the robust tracking control of robotic manipulators. The proposed controller possesses the advantages of adaptive control, fuzzy control, and sliding mode control. First, system stability and robustness are guaranteed based on the sliding mode control. Further, fuzzy rules are developed incorporating with adaptation law to alleviate the input chattering effectively. Stability of the control system is proven by using the Lyapunov method. An application to a three-degree-of-freedom robotic manipulator is carried out. Accurate trajectory tracking as well as robustness is achieved. Input chattering is greatly eliminated.

Keywords: Adaptive Control, Fuzzy Control, Sliding Mode Control, roboticmanipulator

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