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Improvement over DV-Hop Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Shrawan Kumar, D. K. Lobiyal


In this paper, we propose improved versions of DVHop algorithm as QDV-Hop algorithm and UDV-Hop algorithm for better localization without the need for additional range measurement hardware. The proposed algorithm focuses on third step of DV-Hop, first error terms from estimated distances between unknown node and anchor nodes is separated and then minimized. In the QDV-Hop algorithm, quadratic programming is used to minimize the error to obtain better localization. However, quadratic programming requires a special optimization tool box that increases computational complexity. On the other hand, UDV-Hop algorithm achieves localization accuracy similar to that of QDV-Hop by solving unconstrained optimization problem that results in solving a system of linear equations without much increase in computational complexity. Simulation results show that the performance of our proposed schemes (QDV-Hop and UDV-Hop) is superior to DV-Hop and DV-Hop based algorithms in all considered scenarios.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, Error term, DV-Hop algorithm, Localization.

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