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Bifurcation Analysis of Horizontal Platform System

Authors: C. C. Wang, N. S. Pai, H. T. Yau, T. T. Liao, M. J. Jang, C. W. Lee, W. M. Hong


Horizontal platform system (HPS) is popularly applied in offshore and earthquake technology, but it is difficult and time-consuming for regulation. In order to understand the nonlinear dynamic behavior of HPS and reduce the cost when using it, this paper employs differential transformation method to study the bifurcation behavior of HPS. The numerical results reveal a complex dynamic behavior comprising periodic, sub-harmonic, and chaotic responses. Furthermore, the results reveal the changes which take place in the dynamic behavior of the HPS as the external torque is increased. Therefore, the proposed method provides an effective means of gaining insights into the nonlinear dynamics of horizontal platform system.

Keywords: horizontal platform system, differentialtransformation method, chaotic.

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