An Experimental Study on Holdup Measurement in Fluidized Bed by Light Transmission
Commenced in January 2007
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An Experimental Study on Holdup Measurement in Fluidized Bed by Light Transmission

Authors: E. Shahbazali, N. Afrasiabi, A. A. Safekordi


Nowadays, fluidized bed plays an important part in industry. The design of this kind of reactor requires knowing the interfacial area between two phases and this interfacial area leads to calculate the solid holdup in the bed. Consequently achieving interfacial area between gas and solid in the bed experimentally is so significant. On interfacial area measurement in fluidized bed with gas has been worked, but light transmission technique has been used less. Therefore, in the current research the possibility of using of this technique and its accuracy are investigated. Measuring, a fluidized bed was designed and the problems were averted as far as possible. By using fine solid with equal shape and diameter and installing an optical system, the absorption of light during the time of fluidization has been measured. Results indicate that this method that its validity has been proved in the gas-liquid system, by different reasons have less application in gas-solid system. One important reason could be non-uniformity in such systems.

Keywords: Fluidization, Holdup, Light Transmission, Two phase system.

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