Investigation and Congestion Management to Solvethe Over-Load Problem of Shiraz Substation in FREC
Commenced in January 2007
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Investigation and Congestion Management to Solvethe Over-Load Problem of Shiraz Substation in FREC

Authors: M Nayeripour, E. Azad, A. Roosta, T. Niknam


In this paper, the transformers over-load problem of Shiraz substation in Fars Regional Electric Company (FREC) is investigated for a period of three years plan. So the suggestions for using phase shifting transformer (PST) and unified power flow controller (UPFC) in order to solve this problem are examined in details and finally, some economical and practical designs will be given in order to solve the related problems. Practical consideration and using the basic and fundamental concept of powers in transmission lines in order to find the economical design are the main advantages of this research. The simulation results of the integrated overall system with different designs compare them base on economical and practical aspects to solve the over-load and loss-reduction.

Keywords: Congestion management, Phase shifting transformer(PST), Unified power flow controller (UPFC), Transmission lines.

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