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Bandwidth Optimization through Dynamic Routing in ATM Networks: Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search Approach

Authors: Susmi Routray, A. M. Sherry, B. V. R. Reddy


Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is widely used in telecommunications systems to send data, video and voice at a very high speed. In ATM network optimizing the bandwidth through dynamic routing is an important consideration. Previous research work shows that traditional optimization heuristics result in suboptimal solution. In this paper we have explored non-traditional optimization technique. We propose comparison of two such algorithms - Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Tabu search (TS), based on non-traditional Optimization approach, for solving the dynamic routing problem in ATM networks which in return will optimize the bandwidth. The optimized bandwidth could mean that some attractive business applications would become feasible such as high speed LAN interconnection, teleconferencing etc. We have also performed a comparative study of the selection mechanisms in GA and listed the best selection mechanism and a new initialization technique which improves the efficiency of the GA.

Keywords: Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM), GeneticAlgorithm(GA), Tabu Search(TS).

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