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A New Predictor of Coding Regions in Genomic Sequences using a Combination of Different Approaches

Authors: Aníbal Rodríguez Fuentes, Juan V. Lorenzo Ginori, Ricardo Grau Ábalo


Identifying protein coding regions in DNA sequences is a basic step in the location of genes. Several approaches based on signal processing tools have been applied to solve this problem, trying to achieve more accurate predictions. This paper presents a new predictor that improves the efficacy of three techniques that use the Fourier Transform to predict coding regions, and that could be computed using an algorithm that reduces the computation load. Some ideas about the combination of the predictor with other methods are discussed. ROC curves are used to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed predictor, based on the computation of 25 DNA sequences from three different organisms.

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Coding region prediction, Computational load reduction, Digital Signal Processing, Fourier Transform.

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