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Sophorolipids Production by Candida Bombicola using Synthetic Dairy Wastewater

Authors: A. Daverey, K. Pakshirajan, P. Sangeetha


Sophorolipids (SLs) production by the yeast Candida bombicola was studied in batch shake flasks using synthetic dairy wastewaters (SDWW) with or without any added external carbon and nitrogen sources. A maximum SLs production of 38.76 g/l was observed with the SDWW supplemented with low cost substrate of sugarcane molasses at 50 g/l and soybean oil at 50 g/l. When the SDWW was supplemented with more costly glucose, yeast extract, urea and soybean oil, the production, however, got lowered to only 29.49 g/l, but with a maximum biomass production of 17.38 g/l together with a complete utilization of the carbon sources.

Keywords: Candida bombicola, dairy wastewater, fat and oil, sophorolipids.

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