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An AHP-Delphi Multi-Criteria Usage Cases Model with Application to Citrogypsum Decisions, Case Study: Kimia Gharb Gostar Industries Company

Authors: Mohsen Pirdashti, Masoomeh Omidi, Hemmatollah Pidashti


Today, advantage of biotechnology especially in environmental issues compared to other technologies is irrefragable. Kimia Gharb Gostar Industries Company, as a largest producer of citric acid in Middle East, applies biotechnology for this goal. Citrogypsum is a by–product of citric acid production and it considered as a valid residuum of this company. At this paper summary of acid citric production and condition of Citrogypsum production in company were introduced in addition to defmition of Citrogypsum production and its applications in world. According to these information and evaluation of present conditions about Iran needing to Citrogypsum, the best priority was introduced and emphasized on strategy selection and proper programming for self-sufficiency. The Delphi technique was used to elicit expert opinions about criteria for evaluating the usages. The criteria identified by the experts were profitability, capacity of production, the degree of investment, marketable, production ease and time production. The Analytical Hierarchy Process (ARP) and Expert Choice software were used to compare the alternatives on the criteria derived from the Delphi process.

Keywords: Analytical Hierarchy Process, ARP, Delphi, Multi- criteria decision making, Citrogypsum

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