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Content Based Sampling over Transactional Data Streams

Authors: Mansour Tarafdar, Mohammad Saniee Abade


This paper investigates the problem of sampling from transactional data streams. We introduce CFISDS as a content based sampling algorithm that works on a landmark window model of data streams and preserve more informed sample in sample space. This algorithm that work based on closed frequent itemset mining tasks, first initiate a concept lattice using initial data, then update lattice structure using an incremental mechanism.Incremental mechanism insert, update and delete nodes in/from concept lattice in batch manner. Presented algorithm extracts the final samples on demand of user. Experimental results show the accuracy of CFISDS on synthetic and real datasets, despite on CFISDS algorithm is not faster than exist sampling algorithms such as Z and DSS.

Keywords: Sampling, data streams, closed frequent item set mining.

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