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The Effect of Multi-Layer Bandage on the Interface Pressure Applied by Compression Bandages

Authors: Jawad Al Khaburi, Abbas A. Dehghani-Sanij, E. Andrea Nelson, Jerry Hutchinson


Medical compression bandages are widely used in the treatment of chronic venous disorder. In order to design effective compression bandages, researchers have attempted to describe the interface pressure applied by multi-layer bandages using mathematical models. This paper reports on the work carried out to compare and validate the mathematical models used to describe the interface pressure applied by multi-layer bandages. Both analytical and experimental results showed that using simple multiplication of a number of bandage layers with the pressure applied by one layer of bandage or ignoring the increase in the limb radius due to former layers of bandage will result in overestimating the pressure. Experimental results showed that the mathematical models, which take into consideration the increase in the limb radius due to former bandage layers, are more accurate than the one which does not.

Keywords: Compression bandages, FlexiForce, interface pressure, venous ulcer

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