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Organic Thin Film Transistors based Oligothiophine Derivatives using DZ-Dihexyl(quarter- and sexi-)Thiophene

Authors: Jae-Hong Kwon, Myung-Ho Chung, Tae-Yeon Oh, Hyeon-Seok Bae, Byeong-Kwon Ju


End-substitution of quarterthiophene and sexithiophene with hexyl groups leads to highly soluble conjugated oligomers,DZ-dihexylquarterthiophene (DH-4T) and DZ-dihexylsexithiophene (DH-6T). We have characterized these oligomers for optical and electrical properties. We fabricated an organic thin film transistor (OTFT) using the above two air-stable p-type organic semiconductor materials. We obtained a stable characteristic curve. The field effect mobility, Pwas calculated to be 3.2910-4 cm2/Vs for DH-6T based OTFT; while the DH-4T based OTFT had 1.8810-5 cm2/Vs.KeywordsOrganic thin film transistor, DZ-dihexylquarterthiophene, DZ-dihexylsexithiophene.

Keywords: Organic thin film transistor, DZ-dihexylquarterthiophene, DZ-dihexylsexithiophene.

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