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A New Approach to Design Low Power Continues-Time Sigma-Delta Modulators

Authors: E. Farshidi


This paper presents the design of a low power second-order continuous-time sigma-delta modulator for low power applications. The loop filter of this modulator has been implemented based on the nonlinear transconductance-capacitor (Gm-C) by employing current-mode technique. The nonlinear transconductance uses floating gate MOS (FG-MOS) transistors that operate in weak inversion region. The proposed modulator features low power consumption (<80uW), low supply voltage (1V) and 62dB dynamic range. Simulation results by HSPICE confirm that it is very suitable for low power biomedical instrumentation designs.

Keywords: Sigma-delta, modulator, Current-mode, Nonlinear Transconductance, FG-MOS.

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