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CO-OFDM DSP Channel Estimation

Authors: Pranav Ravikumar, Arunabha Bera, Vijay K. Mehra, Anand Kumar


This paper solves the Non Linear Schrodinger Equation using the Split Step Fourier method for modeling an optical fiber. The model generates a complex wave of optical pulses and using the results obtained two graphs namely Loss versus Wavelength and Dispersion versus Wavelength are generated. Taking Chromatic Dispersion and Polarization Mode Dispersion losses into account, the graphs generated are compared with the graphs formulated by JDS Uniphase Corporation which uses standard values of dispersion for optical fibers. The graphs generated when compared with the JDS Uniphase Corporation plots were found to be more or less similar thus verifying that the model proposed is right. MATLAB software was used for doing the modeling.

Keywords: Modulation, Non Linear Schrodinger Equation, Optical fiber, Split Step Fourier Method.

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