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Reliability Evaluation using Triangular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers Arithmetic Operations

Authors: G. S. Mahapatra, T. K. Roy


In general fuzzy sets are used to analyze the fuzzy system reliability. Here intuitionistic fuzzy set theory for analyzing the fuzzy system reliability has been used. To analyze the fuzzy system reliability, the reliability of each component of the system as a triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number is considered. Triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number and their arithmetic operations are introduced. Expressions for computing the fuzzy reliability of a series system and a parallel system following triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers have been described. Here an imprecise reliability model of an electric network model of dark room is taken. To compute the imprecise reliability of the above said system, reliability of each component of the systems is represented by triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. Respective numerical example is presented.

Keywords: Fuzzy set, Intuitionistic fuzzy number, Systemreliability, Triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number.

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