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Effects of Mixed Convection and Double Dispersion on Semi Infinite Vertical Plate in Presence of Radiation

Authors: A.S.N.Murti, D.R.V.S.R.K. Sastry, P.K. Kameswaran, T. Poorna Kantha


In this paper, the effects of radiation, chemical reaction and double dispersion on mixed convection heat and mass transfer along a semi vertical plate are considered. The plate is embedded in a Newtonian fluid saturated non - Darcy (Forchheimer flow model) porous medium. The Forchheimer extension and first order chemical reaction are considered in the flow equations. The governing sets of partial differential equations are nondimensionalized and reduced to a set of ordinary differential equations which are then solved numerically by Fourth order Runge– Kutta method. Numerical results for the detail of the velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles as well as heat transfer rates (Nusselt number) and mass transfer rates (Sherwood number) against various parameters are presented in graphs. The obtained results are checked against previously published work for special cases of the problem and are found to be in good agreement.

Keywords: Radiation, Chemical reaction, Double dispersion, Mixed convection, Heat and Mass transfer

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