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Adapting Cities Name with ICT and Countries Interested in the Smart City

Authors: Qasim Hamakhurshid Hamamurad, Normal Mat Jusoh, Uznir Ujang


The concept of the city with an infrastructure of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) embraces several definitions depending on the meanings of the word "smart" which include: intelligent city, smart city, knowledge city, ubiquitous city, sustainable city, and digital city. Many definitions of the city exist, but this study explores which one has been universally acknowledged. From the literature analysis, it emerges that the term smart city is the most used in the articles to show the smartness of a city. This paper shares exploration of the research from the seven main website digital databases and journals focusing on the smart city from January 2015 to February 2020 to: (a) Time research, to examine the causes of the smart city phenomenon and other concept literature in the last five years; (b) Review of words, to see how and where the smart city specification and relation of different definitions are implemented; (c) Geographical research to consider where smart cities' greatest concentrations are in the world and determine if Malaysians are interacting with the smart city; and (d) How many papers are published in all of Malaysia from 2015 to 2020 about smart cities. Three steps are followed to accomplish the aim of this study: (1) The analysis which covered a systematic literature review search strategy to gather a representative sub-set of papers on the smart city and other definitions utilizing GoogleScholar, Elsevier, Scopus, ScienceDirect, IEEEXplore, WebofScience, and Springer between January 2015-February 2020; (2) The formation of a bibliometric map based on the bibliometric evaluation using the mapping technique VOSviewer to visualize differences; (3) VOSviewer application program to build initial clusters. The bibliometric analytical findings targeted the word harmony.

Keywords: Bibliometric research, smart city, ICT, VOSviewer, urban modernization.

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