Literature Review on Metallurgical Properties of Ti/Al Weld Joint Using Laser Beam Welding
Commenced in January 2007
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Literature Review on Metallurgical Properties of Ti/Al Weld Joint Using Laser Beam Welding

Authors: K. Kalaiselvan, Naresh Subramania Warrier, S. Elavarasi


Several situations arise in industrial practice which calls for joining of dissimilar metals. With increasing demand in the application requirements, dissimilar metal joining becomes inevitable in modern engineering industries. The metals employed are the structure for effective and utilization of the special properties of each metal. The purpose of this paper is to present the research and development status of titanium (Ti) and aluminium (Al) dissimilar alloys weldment by the researchers worldwide. The detailed analysis of problems faced during welding of dissimilar metal joint for Ti/Al metal combinations are discussed. Microstructural variations in heat affected zone (HAZ), fusion zone (FZ), Intermetallic compound (IMC) layer and surface fracture of weldments are analysed. Additionally, mechanical property variations and microstructural feature have been studied by the researchers. The paper provides a detailed literature review of Ti/Al dissimilar metal joint microchemistry and property variation across the weldment.

Keywords: Laser beam welding, titanium, aluminium, metallurgical properties.

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