Paradigm of Digital Twin Application in Project Management in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
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Paradigm of Digital Twin Application in Project Management in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Authors: Kwok Tak Kit


With the growing trend of adoption of advanced technologies like, building information modeling, artificial intelligence, wireless network, the collaboration and integration of these technologies into digital twin become more prominent in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry in view of the nature and scale of AEC industry which efficiently adopted the digital twin. Digital twin is provided to be effective for AEC professions for design and project management. The digital concept is continuously developing and it is vital for AEC professionals and other stakeholders to understand the digital twin concept and the adoption of various advanced building technologies related to the AEC industry. This paper is to review the application of digital twins application in project management in AEC industry and highlight the challenge of AEC partitioners faced by the revolution of technologies including digital twins and building information modelling (BIM) for further research and future study.

Keywords: Digital Twin, AEC, building information modeling, project management, internet of things.

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