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Radiation Effects on the Unsteady MHD Free Convection Flow Past in an Infinite Vertical Plate with Heat Source

Authors: Tusharkanta Das, Tumbanath Samantara, Sukanta Kumar Sahoo


Unsteady effects of MHD free convection flow past in an infinite vertical plate with heat source in presence of radiation with reference to all critical parameters that appear in field equations are studied in this paper. The governing equations are developed by usual Boussinesq’s approximation. The problem is solved by using perturbation technique. The results are obtained for velocity, temperature, Nusselt number and skin-friction. The effects of magnetic parameter, prandtl number, Grashof number, permeability parameter, heat source/sink parameter and radiation parameter are discussed on flow characteristics and shown by means of graphs and tables.

Keywords: Heat transfer, radiation, MHD, free convection, porous medium, suction.

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