A Review on Image Segmentation Techniques and Performance Measures
Commenced in January 2007
Frequency: Monthly
Edition: International
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A Review on Image Segmentation Techniques and Performance Measures

Authors: David Libouga Li Gwet, Marius Otesteanu, Ideal Oscar Libouga, Laurent Bitjoka, Gheorghe D. Popa


Image segmentation is a method to extract regions of interest from an image. It remains a fundamental problem in computer vision. The increasing diversity and the complexity of segmentation algorithms have led us firstly, to make a review and classify segmentation techniques, secondly to identify the most used measures of segmentation performance and thirdly, discuss deeply on segmentation philosophy in order to help the choice of adequate segmentation techniques for some applications. To justify the relevance of our analysis, recent algorithms of segmentation are presented through the proposed classification.

Keywords: Classification, image segmentation, measures of performance.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI): doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2579976

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