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States Estimation and Fault Detection of a Doubly Fed Induction Machine by Moving Horizon Estimation

Authors: A. T. Boum, L. Bitjoka, N. N. Léandre, S. Bennet


This paper presents the estimation of the key parameters of a double fed induction machine (DFIM) by the use of the moving horizon estimator (MHE) for control and monitoring purpose. A study was conducted on the behavior of this observer in the presence of some faults which can occur during the operation of the machine. In the first case a stator phase has been suppressed. In the second case the rotor resistance has been multiplied by a factor. The results show a good estimation of different parameters such as rotor flux, rotor speed, stator current with a very small estimation error. The robustness of the observer was also tested in the practical case of DFIM by using another model different from the real one at a constant close. The very small estimation error makes the MHE a good software sensor candidate for monitoring purpose for the DFIM. 

Keywords: Doubly fed induction machine, moving horizon estimator parameters’ estimation.

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