Analysis of the Topics of Research of Brazilian Researchers Acting in the Areas of Engineering
Commenced in January 2007
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Analysis of the Topics of Research of Brazilian Researchers Acting in the Areas of Engineering

Authors: Jether Gomes, Thiago M. R. Dias, Gray F. Moita


The production and publication of scientific works have increased significantly in the last years, being the Internet the main factor of access and diffusion of these. In view of this, researchers from several areas of knowledge have carried out several studies on scientific production data in order to analyze phenomena and trends about science. The understanding of how research has evolved can, for example, serve as a basis for building scientific policies for further advances in science and stimulating research groups to become more productive. In this context, the objective of this work is to analyze the main research topics investigated along the trajectory of the Brazilian science of researchers working in the areas of engineering, in order to map scientific knowledge and identify topics in highlights. To this end, studies are carried out on the frequency and relationship of the keywords of the set of scientific articles registered in the existing curricula in the Lattes Platform of each one of the selected researchers, counting with the aid of bibliometric analysis features.

Keywords: Research topics, bibliometrics, topics of interest, Lattes Platform.

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