Andrea Lara


1 Absent Theaters: A Virtual Reconstruction from Memories

Authors: Pablo Castillo, Andrea Lara


Absent Theaters is a project that reconstructs virtually three theaters that existed in the twentieth century, demolished in the city of Medellin, Colombia: Circo España, Bolívar, and Junín. Virtual reconstruction is used as an excuse to talk with who lived in their childhood and youth cultural spaces that formed a whole generation. Around 100 people who witnessed these theaters were interviewed. The means used to perform the oral history work was the virtual reconstruction of the interior of the theaters that were presented to the interviewees through the virtual reality glasses. The voices of people between 60 and 103 years old were used to generate a transmission of knowledge to the new generations about the importance of theaters as essential places for the city, as spaces generating social relations and knowledge of other cultures. Oral stories about events, the historical and social context of the city were mixed with archive images and animations of the architectural transformations of these places. All this in order to compile a collective discourse around cultural activities, heritage, and collective memory of the city of Medellín.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Culture, heritage, oral history, theaters

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