Leila Zarei


1 Capacity Assessment of Kish Island in Visa Exchanging and Its Effect on Tourism Development

Authors: Leila Zarei


The primary objective of the 2014 Survey of The Capacity Assessment of Kish Island in Visa Exchange and its Effect of Tourism Development was to obtain more comprehensive statistical information relating to foreign tourists who aimed to renew their visa in Kish Island. Kish Island the pearl of Persian Gulf is well known as a destination for visa exchange to many alien who work and live in the country located around Persian Gulf. Foreign visitors fly to Kish with aim of visa exchange and after passing through official procedures they return back to their country of resident. The present thesis studied the subject of capacity and potential of Kish Island in visa exchange. In accordance with it a survey had been conducted in English written form of a questionnaire which was researcher's made composed of 120 questions which covers diverse aspects of the field of this study (airport, public transportation, accommodate and medical centers and travel agencies). The data collected were obtained at the airport, hotels and other places from the international tourists and covered the following items: a) the profile of the tourists (sex, age, occupation, purpose of visit, etc.) b) The Rating of services and Prices. The target population was all international tourists who master English and non Iranian. Main findings: 56% of tourists interviewed were males and 44% were females. The age of arrived tourist was 30 – 39 years with the highest percentage of 47%. The highest percentage frequencies of income belong to the 1000- 2500 Dhrs. (26%). In addition, that 50 percentage of the population was married and rest was single. Concerning the religion, 26 percent of the travelers were Muslim and 65% Christian and the rest from the other branches which all these populations reach Kish via air. The majority (56%) of visa exchangers hold diploma.

Keywords: Tourism Development, Iran, Kish Island, visa exchange

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