Joanna Cabaj


1 Rapid and Sensitive Detection: Biosensors as an Innovative Analytical Tools

Authors: Karol Malecha, Sylwia Baluta, Joanna Cabaj


The evolution of biosensors was driven by the need for faster and more versatile analytical methods for application in important areas including clinical, diagnostics, food analysis or environmental monitoring, with minimum sample pretreatment. Rapid and sensitive neurotransmitters detection is extremely important in modern medicine. These compounds mainly occur in the brain and central nervous system of mammals. Any changes in the neurotransmitters concentration may lead to many diseases, such as Parkinson’s or schizophrenia. Classical techniques of chemical analysis, despite many advantages, do not permit to obtain immediate results or automatization of measurements.

Keywords: Biosensor, Dopamine, laccase, adrenaline, tyrosinase

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