Yuhan Cai


1 Flexible Development Study on Spatial Distribution of Hierarchical Medical Settings in Times of Epidemic of COVID-19: A Case Study of Wuhan

Authors: Keyi Sun, Shiyi Lin, Yuhan Cai, Simiao Wang


COVID-19 has become a major public health emergency globally. At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, a series of medical runs appeared in Wuhan, which exposed the problems in the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. Based on the planning perspective, this paper summarizes the implementation of the epidemic prevention work in various stages in Wuhan. Based on a GIS platform, the utility of hierarchical medical treatment during the epidemic period was comprehensively analyzed by integrating multiple factors such as the distribution location of each level of hospitals, the number of beds in each hospital, and the number of patients admitted. The results were compared with the utilization of hierarchical medical resources under daily conditions, and the conclusion was drawn. The characteristic of medical resources in Wuhan is centralization. In the daily period, the primary medical resources present the characteristics of high density and high degree of aggregation in the central old urban area, and the characteristics of small quantity, dispersion, and low density in the surrounding rural areas. The high-level medical resources are mainly concentrated in the central area, and the number of surrounding areas is insufficient. During the epidemic period, the emergency level of medical resources does not match the daily service level of medical resources, showing the characteristics of high emergency response capability of medical resources in new urban areas and low emergency response capability in old urban areas. In terms of spatial layout, realize the balanced layout of primary medical resources and the 'decentralization' of high-level medical resources so as to provide the development direction for the elastic response ability of medical resources.

Keywords: Spatial Distribution, ArcGIS, COVID-19, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment systems

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