Rafal Maciag


1 Digital Transformation Knowledge Model Based on the Discursive Space

Authors: Rafal Maciag


Due to the development of the current civilization, one must create suitable models of its pervasive massive phenomena. Such a phenomenon is the digital transformation, which has a substantial number of disciplined, methodical interpretations forming the diversified reflection. This reflection could be understood pragmatically as the current temporal a local differential state of knowledge. The model of the discursive space is proposed as a model for the analysis and description of this knowledge. Discursive space is understood as an autonomous multidimensional space where separate discourses traverse specific trajectories what can be presented in multidimensional parallel coordinate system. Discursive space built on the world of facts preserves complex character of that world. Digital transformation as a discursive space has a relativistic character what means that at the same time, it is created by the dynamic discourses and these discourses are moulded by the shape of this space.

Keywords: Knowledge, Complexity, discourse, Digital transformation, discursive space

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