Xiao Guangming


2 Numerical Study on the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Composite Phase Change Materials

Authors: Liu Lei, Wei Dong, Yang Xiaofeng, Gui Yewei, Du Yanxia, Xiao Guangming


A phase change material (PCM) is a substance which absorbs a large amount of energy when undergoing a change of solid-liquid phase. The good physical and chemical properties of C or SiC foam reveal the possibility of using them as a thermal conductivity enhancer for the PCM. C or SiC foam composite PCM has a high effective conductivity and becomes one of the most interesting thermal storage techniques due to its advantage of simplicity and reliability. The paper developed a numerical method to simulate the heat transfer of SiC and C foam composite PCM, a finite volume technique was used to discretize the heat diffusion equation while the phase change process was modeled using the equivalent specific heat method. The effects of the porosity were investigated based on the numerical method, and the effects of the geometric model of the microstructure on the equivalent thermal conductivity was studies.

Keywords: Heat Transfer, Composite, phase change material, SiC foam

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1 Heat and Mass Transfer Study of Supercooled Large Droplet Icing

Authors: Yang Xiaofeng, Gui Yewei, Du Yanxia, Stephan E. Bansmer, Xiao Guangming


The heat and mass transfer characteristics of icing coupled with film flow is studied and the coupled model of the thermal behavior with the flow simulation by single-step method is developed. The behavior of ice and water was analyzed. The results show that under supercooled large droplet (SLD) icing conditions, the film flow is an important phonomena in icing accretion process. The pressure gradient, gravity and shear stress are the main factors affecting the film flow on icing surface, which has important influence on the shape and rate of icing. To predict SLD ice accretion accurately, the heat and mass transfer of ice and film flow should be taken into account.

Keywords: Heat and Mass Transfer, Aircraft, SLD, icing

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