K. Eryeşil


3 The Effect of Organizational Commitment and Burnout on Organizational Cynicism: A Field Study in the Healthcare Industry

Authors: K. Eryeşil, O. Esmen, A. Beduk


The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between organizational commitment which is defined as a strong belief in and acceptance of the organization’s goals and values, and burnout syndrome and organizational cynicism. Accordingly, a field research based on survey method was conducted on the employees of a health institution operating in the province of Konya. The findings of the research show that there is a positive statistically significant relationship between organizational cynicism and burnout while there is a negative statistically significant relationship between organizational commitment and burnout. Furthermore, it has been also realized that there is a negative and statistically significant relationship between organizational commitment and organizational cynicism.

Keywords: Healthcare Management, Burnout, organizational commitment, organizational cynicism

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2 The Role of Strategic Flexibility for Achieving Sustainable Competition Advantage and Its Effect on Business Performance

Authors: K. Eryeşil, O. Esmen, A. Beduk


In this study, it has been studied to determine the relationship between business performance and strategic flexibility, which is defined to be the strategic choice that provides the ability of rapidly responding the changes of the dynamic environment of the companies, for having competitive advantages. In this context a field study has been conducted over 56 companies, which are active in informatics and electronics sectors in TEKNOKENT. As a result of the study it has been determined that; strategic flexibility has an effect on business performance and there is a positive and statistically significant relationship between strategic flexibility and business performance.

Keywords: Firm Performance, sustainable competition advantage, TEKNOKENT, Strategic Flexibility

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1 Effect of Leadership Approach to Organizational Commitment: A Study in Transportation Sector

Authors: R. Iraz, K. Eryeşil


Employees commitments of vision and mission of organization is effected due to manager’s executes by approach of leadership The leaders who have attributions like vision, confidence and correctitude, sharing and participation, creativeness, progressive learning –improvement and responsibility are effective to increase organizational commitment if they are sensitive to expectation and requirement of employees in an organization. Studies about organizational commitment appear results that employees who have strong organizational commitment have the most contribution. In this study, “Leadership” and “Organizational Commitment” conduct surveys to 31 employees of Ahmet Özdemir Nak. Tic. San. A.Ş. which has operations in road and railway transportation sector. It is analyzed the effects of leadership approach to organizational commitment deals with result of survey.

Keywords: organizational commitment, study, Leadership Approach

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2 A Research to Determine the Impact of Mobbing on Organizational Commitment

Authors: K. Eryeşil, O. Esmen, A. Beduk, m. Onacak


The mobbing is a process that is consisting of negative behaviors such as, systematically and continuously insulting, offending against personal dignity, preventing access to necessary information and disseminating rumors against employee by one or more than one individuals in a work environment through which disturbing the employee physically, psychologically and socially to cause to quit his/her job. This research is aiming to explore the results of mobbing (psychological violence) on employees’ organizational commitment in workplaces. Mobbing takes many forms and is often used to force an employee to leave the work environment. Two different types of scales have been reviewed and revised for use in the research. The Heinz Leymann scale is the first measure, which was developed to define causes and effects, in addition to characteristic behaviors of mobbing. The second scale was developed by Allen and Mayer and indicates levels of organizational commitment. In this research, a questionnaire were applied to 50 employees in a special glass factory in Konya to search mobbing itself and indicate the effects of mobbing to organizational commitments. One of the important findings of this research is that there was no relation between mobbing and general organizational commitment.

Keywords: organizational commitment, mobbing, affective commitment, normative commitment, continuance commitment

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1 Eco-Entrepreneurship: Practice Examples both in the World and Turkey

Authors: K. Eryeşil, O. Esmen, A. Beduk, F. Karacelebi


Entrepreneurship is crucial for the economy of countries in development of economy, creating new jobs and increasing employment; therefore improving welfare and a modern point of view in the society. In the development of a country encouragement of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial qualities also play a paramount role. The increase in the world population results in more production, which brings excessive use of resources and inevitably shortage of them. In addition to this; development in technology, mismanagement in production and deficiency of waste system cause negative effects on the environmental ecological balance. Nowadays, with the societies getting awareness of environment while buying products and services, they prefer companies which are careful about environment. And as a result of this, ecoentrepreneurship gains importance. In this study; ecoentrepreneurship, which we think will gain more importance in the world and Turkey, is presented with the examples from the world and Turkey.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, environmental awareness, ecoentrepreneurship, development of economy

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