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4 Motivation Needs in Working of the Employees in Rayong Province: A Case Study of Panakom Co., Ltd.

Authors: Witthaya Mekhum, Ganratchakan Ninlawan


The objective of this research was to investigate motivation needs in working of the employees in Rayong Province at Panakom Co., Ltd. The sample group included 59 operational employees of Panakom Co., Ltd divided into 2 main parts to complete the questionnaires. Part 1 dealt with personal information of the staff in the form of checklist questions. Part 2 was about the motivation needs in working in the form of 5 rating scales. The data were analyzed to find frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, and SD with the results as follows. They reported their working conditions in the moderate level while the first aspect was on the regulation of the Working Support Department. The second rated aspect was on the modern facilities and office stationeries followed by the working environment such as lighting, temperature, sound system, and atmosphere. The last aspect was on the provision of enough working equipment. On the part of work stability and work progress, they rated this aspect at the moderate level with the details below. The first aspect was their satisfaction in work rotation followed by the encouragement in joining training and seminar to increase working knowledge. The third aspect was their perception on the progress of their careers. The last aspect was on the chance to get promoted in special cases. On the payment and fringe benefit, they rated this part in the moderate level with the highest aspect being on the provided fringe benefit such as health care. The second aspect was on the suitable salary compared to their knowledge and proficiency. The third aspect was on the satisfaction on the activities and seminars provided by the company. Finally, the last aspect was on the sufficient salary when compared with the current cost of living.

Keywords: employees, motivation needs, working, Rayong Province

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3 A Descriptive Study on Psychiatric Morbidity among Nurses Working in Selected Hospitals of Udupi and Mangalore Districts Karnataka, India

Authors: Tessy Treesa Jose, Sripathy M. Bhat


Nursing is recognized as a stressful occupation and has indicated a probable high prevalence of distress. It is a helping profession requiring a high degree of commitment and involvement. If stress is intense, continuous and repeated, it becomes a negative phenomenon or "distress," which can lead to physical illness and psychological disorders. The frequency of common psychosomatic symptoms including sleeping problems, tension headache, chronic fatigue, palpitation etc. may be an indicator of nurses’ work-related stress level. Objectives of the study were to determine psychiatric morbidity among nurses and to find its association with selected variables. The study population consisted of 1040 registered nurses working in selected medical college hospitals and government hospitals of Udupi and Mangalore districts. Descriptive survey design was used to conduct the study. Subjects were selected by using purposive sampling. Data were gathered by administering background proforma and General Health questionnaire. Severe distress was experienced by 0.9% of nurses and 5.6% had some evidence of distress. Subjects who did not have any distress were 93.5%. No significant association between psychiatric morbidity in nurses and demographic variables was observed. With regard to work variables significant association is observed between psychiatric morbidity and total years of experience (z=10.67, p=0.03) and experience in current area of work (z=9.43, p=0.02).

Keywords: nurse, working, psychiatric morbidity, selected hospitals

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2 Well-Being and Helping Technology for Retired Population in Finland

Authors: L. Korpinen, R. Pääkkönen


This study aimed to evaluate parameters influencing well-being and how to maintain well-being as long as possible after retirement. There is contradictory information on the health changes after retirement in Finland. This work is based on interviews, statistics, and literature evaluation of Finland. Most often, balance, multitasking reaction time, and adaptation of vision in dim and darks areas are worsened. Slowing is one characteristic that is difficult to measure properly. The most important is try to determine ways to manage daily activities and symptoms of disease after retirement. Medicine is advancing, problems are often also on the economic side. Information of technical aids is important. It is worth planning a retirement age.

Keywords: Wellness, Aging, retirement, working

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1 Parenting Practices, Challenges and Prospectus of Working Mothers in Arsi University: Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Authors: Endalew Fufa Kufi


Every married person aspires to be a parent regardless of the situation in which s/he lives. Such aspiration meets with reality when the destined parent is able to give adequate supports and services to his/her children, whether the latter are got by birth or through adoption. The adequacy of services parents provide their children is both enriched and tempted by the work on which they involve. On the one hand, parents need to work and earn a living in order to support their family. On the other hand, they must spend most of their time outside home to do the work, which shortens the time and might they spare to care for their children. Where the sufficiency of services parents owe their children could be ascertained by in terms of life skills, physical care and related provisions, the role of working fathers and mothers in providing such supports could be diverse across cultures and work traditions. Hence, this research deals with the investigation of working mothers’ parental practices, challenges they face in providing parental services and the implication for the future progress of the parents and their children. Target of the study will be Arsi University in Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia. Descriptive survey design in holding the research, and data for the research will be collected in the form of experiential self-report from 150 working mothers selected from the entire working women population of Colleges of Agriculture and Environmental Studies and College of Health Sciences through stratified random-sampling. Instruments of data collection will be closed and open-ended questionnaire. Complementary data will also be collected from purposively selected samples through semi-structured interview. Data for the research will be collected through questionnaire first and then through interview. Data analysis will also follow the same procedure. The collected data will systematically be organized and statistically and thematically analyzed in order to come up with indicative findings. The overarching thesis is that, working mothers in the study area bear a lot of responsibilities both at home and at work place which leave them very little time for parenting services. Unless due attention is given to the way they can spare time for their children, they are more likely to be tense between work-life and family care services, which tempt them in different directions.

Keywords: Challenges, Practices, Mothers, University, working

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