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1 Relationship Between Collegiality and the EQ of Leaders

Authors: Prakash Singh


Being a collegial leader would require such a person to promote an organizational passion that identifies and acknowledges the contribution of every employee. Collegiality is about sharing responsibilities and being accountable for one’s actions. Leaders must therefore be equipped with the knowledge, skills, abilities, beliefs, and dispositions that will allow them to succeed in their organizations. These abilities should not only dwell on cognition alone, but also, equally, on the development of their emotional intelligence (EQ). It is therefore a myth that leaders are entrusted with absolute power to manage all the resources of their organizations. Workers feel confident with leaders who are adaptable, flexible and supportive when it comes to shared decision-making and the devolution of power within the organization. Research strongly supports the notion that a leader requires a high level of EQ in addition to IQ (cognitive intelligence) to achieve the goals of the organization. On the other hand, traditional managers require cognitive abilities and technical skills to get the work done by their employees. This does not imply that management is not important in organizations. However, the approach of managers becomes highly critical when the focus is purely task orientated. Enabling or empowering employees, therefore, is an important aspect in establishing emotionally intelligent collaboration, as the willing and satisfied participation of the employees can be the result of leaders’ commitment to establishing a collegial working environment as demonstrated by their behaviours. This paper therefore analyses why it matters for ideal leaders to be imbued with the traits of EQ and collegiality.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, collegiality, empowering employees, traditional managers

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