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2 Quality of School Life and Linguistic Intelligence of College Freshmen in a State University

Authors: Louis Placido F. Lachica


Freshman year in college, being a transition from high school to college, requires students to adjust by equipping themselves with competencies that will make them survive in college. This study conducted at in a state university in the Philippines aimed to determine the quality of school life and linguistic intelligence of 214 randomly selected college freshmen. Frequency counts and percentages were used to analyze quality of school life and linguistic intelligence. The chi-square test was utilized to determine significant relationship between quality of school life and linguistic intelligence and selected demographic variables. Results on quality of school life revealed that availability of religious books and paperbacks at home were significantly related to relationship with teachers. None of the selected demographic characteristics were significantly related to sense of achievement. Parents’ highest educational attainment was significantly related with opportunity at school. The availability of general references and song hits were significantly and highly significantly related to sense of identity which means that these promoted their sense of identity since their peers also preferred its availability. Type of high school graduated from was significantly related with students’ self-esteem. Graduates of public high schools have higher boosted self-esteem than those from private high schools. Both type of high school graduated from and reading materials available at home (religious books) had a highly significant relationship with linguistic intelligence. In addition, there was a significant relationship between time spent in reading per day and linguistic intelligence. There was a highly significant relationship between quality of school life in terms of relationship with teachers and sense of achievement with linguistic intelligence. Further, sense of identity and linguistic intelligence were significantly related.

Keywords: quality of school life, linguistic intelligence, college freshmen, state university

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1 The Development of a Nanofiber Membrane for Outdoor and Activity Related Purposes

Authors: Roman Knizek, Denisa Knizkova


This paper describes the development of a nanofiber membrane for sport and outdoor use at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) and the following cooperation with a private Czech company which launched this product onto the market. For making this membrane, Polyurethan was electrospun on the Nanospider spinning machine, and a wire string electrode was used. The created nanofiber membrane with a nanofiber diameter of 150 nm was subsequently hydrophobisied using a low vacuum plasma and Fluorocarbon monomer C6 type. After this hydrophobic treatment, the nanofiber membrane contact angle was higher than 125o, and its oleophobicity was 6. The last step was a lamination of this nanofiber membrane with a woven or knitted fabric to create a 3-layer laminate. Gravure printing technology and polyurethane hot-melt adhesive were used. The gravure roller has a mesh of 17. The resulting 3-layer laminate has a water vapor permeability Ret of 1.6 [Pa.m2.W-1] (– measured in compliance with ISO 11092), it is 100% windproof (– measured in compliance with ISO 9237), and the water column is above 10 000 mm (– measured in compliance with ISO 20811). This nanofiber membrane which was developed in the laboratories of the Technical University of Liberec was then produced industrially by a private company. A low vacuum plasma line and a lamination line were needed for industrial production, and the process had to be fine-tuned to achieve the same parameters as those achieved in the TUL laboratories. The result of this work is a newly developed nanofiber membrane which offers much better properties, especially water vapor permeability, than other competitive membranes. It is an example of product development and the consequent fine-tuning for industrial production; it is also an example of the cooperation between a Czech state university and a private company.

Keywords: Product, private company, state university, start-up, nanofiber membrane

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