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3 Digital Reconstruction of Museum's Statue Using 3D Scanner for Cultural Preservation in Indonesia

Authors: Ahmad Zaini, F. Muhammad Reza Hadafi, Surya Sumpeno, Muhtadin, Mochamad Hariadi


The lack of information about museum’s collection reduces the number of visits of museum. Museum’s revitalization is an urgent activity to increase the number of visits. The research's roadmap is building a web-based application that visualizes museum in the virtual form including museum's statue reconstruction in the form of 3D. This paper describes implementation of three-dimensional model reconstruction method based on light-strip pattern on the museum statue using 3D scanner. Noise removal, alignment, meshing and refinement model's processes is implemented to get a better 3D object reconstruction. Model’s texture derives from surface texture mapping between object's images with reconstructed 3D model. Accuracy test of dimension of the model is measured by calculating relative error of virtual model dimension compared against the original object. The result is realistic three-dimensional model textured with relative error around 4.3% to 5.8%.

Keywords: 3D reconstruction, light pattern structure, texture mapping, museum

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2 Using Baculovirus Expression Vector System to Express Envelop Proteins of Chikungunya Virus in Insect Cells and Mammalian Cells

Authors: Tania Tzong, Chao-Yi Teng, Tzong-Yuan Wu


Currently, Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) transmitted to humans by Aedes mosquitoes has distributed from Africa to Southeast Asia, South America, and South Europe. However, little is known about the antigenic targets for immunity, and there are no licensed vaccines or specific antiviral treatments for the disease caused by CHIKV. Baculovirus has been recognized as a novel vaccine vector with attractive characteristic features of an optional vaccine delivery vehicle. This approach provides the safety and efficacy of CHIKV vaccine. In this study, bi-cistronic recombinant baculoviruses vAc-CMV-CHIKV26S-Rhir-EGFP and vAc-CMV-pH-CHIKV26S-Lir-EGFP were produced. Both recombinant baculovirus can express EGFP reporter gene in insect cells to facilitate the recombinant virus isolation and purification. Examination of vAc-CMV-CHIKV26S-Rhir-EGFP and vAc-CMV-pH-CHIKV26S-Lir-EGFP showed that this recombinant baculovirus could induce syncytium formation in insect cells. Unexpectedly, the immunofluorescence assay revealed the expression of E1 and E2 of CHIKV structural proteins in insect cells infected by vAc-CMV-CHIKV26S-Rhir-EGFP. This result may imply that the CMV promoter can induce the transcription of CHIKV26S in insect cells. There are also E1 and E2 expression in mammalian cells transduced by vAc-CMV-CHIKV26S-Rhir-EGFP and vAc-CMV-pH-CHIKV26S-Lir-EGFP. The expression of E1 and E2 proteins of insect and mammalian cells was validated again by Western blot analysis. The vector construction with dual tandem promoters, which is polyhedrin and CMV promoter, has higher expression of the E1 and E2 of CHIKV structural proteins than the vector construction with CMV promoter only. Most of the E1 and E2 proteins expressed in mammalian cells were glycosylated. In the future, the expression of structural proteins of CHIKV in mammalian cells is expected can form virus-like particle, so it could be used as a vaccine for chikungunya virus.

Keywords: chikungunya virus, virus-like particle, vaccines, baculovirus expression vector system

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1 Cilubaba: An Agriculture-Based Education Tool through Congklak Traditional Game as an Introduction of Home Garden for Children in Cibanteng, Bogor

Authors: Yoni Elviandri, Vivi Fitriyanti, Agung Surya Wijaya, Suryani Humayyah, Muhammad Alif Azizi


The massive development of computing power and internet access nowadays is marked by audiovisual games and computers which are known as electronic games, one of the examples is online games. This kind of game can be found everywhere in Indonesia, both in the cities and even the villages. In the present time, online games are becoming a popular games in various layers of the community, one of them does happen to elementary school students. As the online games spread over, the traditional games gradually fade away and even thought as an old-fashioned game. Contrary, traditional games actually have the better and higher educational values such as patience, honesty, integrity and togetherness value which cannot be found in online games which are more to individualist. A brand new set of education tools is necessary to provide a convenience, safe and fun place for children to play around but still contains educational values. One interesting example goes to Cilulaba is an agricultural-based playground. It is a good place for children to play and learn as it was planned to entertain children to play around as well as introducing agriculture to them. One of the games is a 1990’s well-known traditional game which its name is Congklak. Congklak is an agricultural-based traditional game and it also introduces the home garden to the children. Some of the Cilulaba’s aims are to protect the existence of nation’s cultural inheritance through Congklak traditional game, as a tool to introduce the agriculture to the children through the methods of Congklak traditional game and giving explanation related to the advantages of a “healthy home garden” to the children. The expected output from this place is to deliver a good understanding about agriculture to the children and make them begin to love it to make an aesthetic home garden and enhance the optimalisation usage of home garden that will support the availability of various edible plants in productive and health households. The proposed method in this Student Creative Program in Society Service is Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) method.

Keywords: Cilubaba, Congklak, traditional game, agricultural-based playground

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