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30 A Measuring Industrial Resiliency by Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Authors: Ida Bagus Made Putra Jandhana, Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel, Rahmat Nurchayo


Having several crises that affect industrial sector performance in the past decades, decision makers should utilize measurement application that enables them to measure industrial resiliency more precisely. It provides not only a framework for the development of resilience measurement application, but also several theories for the concept building blocks, such as performance measurement management, and resilience engineering in real world environment. This research is a continuation of previously published paper on performance measurement in the industrial sector. Finally, this paper contributes an alternative performance measurement method in industrial sector based on resilience concept. Moreover, this research demonstrates how applicable the concept of resilience engineering is and its method of measurement.

Keywords: industrial, measurement, resilience, sector

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29 Mechanical Properties of Palm Oil-Based Resin Containing Unsaturated Polyester

Authors: Alireza Fakhari, Abdul Razak Rahmat


In this study, new palm oil-based polymer systems have been produced by blending unsaturated polyester (UPE) and maleinated, acrylated epoxidized palm oil (MAEPO). The MAEPO/UPE ratio was varied between 10/90 and 40/60 wt%. The influences of various loadings of MAEPO (10, 20, 30, and 40 wt%) on tensile, flexural and impact properties of resulting polymer systems were investigated. The results revealed that, these bio-based polymer systems exhibit mechanical properties comparable to those of petroleum-based polymers.

Keywords: palm oil, bio-based resin, renewable resources, unsaturated polyester resin

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28 An Analysis of Turn-Taking in ESL Classrooms

Authors: Nursuhaila Ibrahim, Noor Hanim Rahmat, Nurul Ain Hasni, Nursyuhada Zakaria


Past studies have shown that class discussions in the ESL classrooms not only helped students exchange ideas with their peers. Students also learn turn taking skills throughout the discussion. Through interacting with their peers, learners learn to use turn-taking strategies. They learn to wait for their turn, to listen to the ideas of others, to disagree, or to agree, and to add on more points in the conversation. This quantitative research explores students’ perception on class discussions and how the discussions influence their choice of turn-taking strategies. Findings of this research will have interesting implications towards the use of class discussions in the ESL classrooms.

Keywords: ESL, class discussions, turn-taking skills, peers

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27 Innovative Acoustic Emission Techniques for Concrete Health Monitoring

Authors: Rahmat Ali, Beenish Khan, Aftabullah, Abid A. Shah


This research is an attempt to investigate the wide range of events using acoustic emission (AE) sensors of the concrete cubes subjected to different stress condition loading and unloading of concrete cubes. A total of 27 specimens were prepared and tested including 18 cubic (6”x6”x6”) and nine cylindrical (4”x8”) specimens were molded from three batches of concrete using w/c of 0.40, 0.50, and 0.60. The compressive strength of concrete was determined from concrete cylinder specimens. The deterioration of concrete was evaluated using the occurrence of felicity and Kaiser effects at each stress condition. It was found that acoustic emission hits usually exceeded when damage increases. Additionally, the correlation between AE techniques and the load applied were determined by plotting the normalized values. The influence of w/c on sensitivity of the AE technique in detecting concrete damages was also investigated.

Keywords: acoustic emission, concrete, felicity ratio, sensors

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26 Assessing Readiness Model for Business Intelligence Implementation in Organization

Authors: Abdul Razak Rahmat, Azizah Ahmad, Azman Ta’aa


The deployment of Business Intelligence (BI) for organization at the beginning phase is very crucial. Results from the previous studies found that more than half of the BI project fails to meet the objective even though a lot money are spent. Based on that problem, the readiness level of BI for the organization is important to identify in order to reduce the risk before the actual BI project is implemented. In this paper, rigorous literature review on the aspect success factors such as Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Readiness Factors (RFs), Success Factors (SFs), are discussed by different authors. The paper also adopted a few models from previous study as a guide for the assessment of BI readiness. The expected finding from this research is the Business Intelligent Readiness Model (BiRM) as a guild before implement the BI system.

Keywords: business intelligence readiness model, business intelligence for higher learning, BI readiness factors, BI critical success factors(CSF)

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25 Preparation and Characterization of Photocatalyst for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol

Authors: D. M. Reddy Prasad, Nur Sabrina Binti Rahmat, Huei Ruey Ong, Chin Kui Cheng, Maksudur Rahman Khan, D. Sathiyamoorthy


Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission to the environment is inevitable which is responsible for global warming. Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to fuel, such as methanol, methane etc. is a promising way to reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emission. In the present work, Bi2S3/CdS was synthesized as an effective visible light responsive photocatalyst for CO2 reduction into methanol. The Bi2S3/CdS photocatalyst was prepared by hydrothermal reaction. The catalyst was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) instrument. The photocatalytic activity of the catalyst has been investigated for methanol production as a function of time. Gas chromatograph flame ionization detector (GC-FID) was employed to analyze the product. The yield of methanol was found to increase with higher CdS concentration in Bi2S3/CdS and the maximum yield was obtained for 45 wt% of Bi2S3/CdS under visible light irradiation was 20 μmole/g. The result establishes that Bi2S3/CdS is favorable catalyst to reduce CO2 to methanol.

Keywords: photocatalyst, CO2 reduction, methanol, visible light, XRD, GC-FID

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24 Sustainability Model for Rural Telecenter Using Business Intelligence Technique

Authors: Razak Rahmat, Azizah Ahmad, Rafidah Razak, Roshidi Din, Azizi Abas


Telecenter is a place where communities can access computers, the Internet, and other digital technologies to enable them to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others. However, previous studies found that sustainability issues related to economic, political and institutional, social and technology is one of the major problem faced by the telecenter. Based on that problem, this research is planning to design a possible solution on rural telecenters sustainability with the support of business intelligence (BI). The empirical study will be conducted through the qualitative and quantitative method including interviews and observations with a range of stakeholders including ministry officers, telecenters managers and operators. Result from the data collection will be analyze using the causal modeling approach of SEM SmartPLS for the validity. The expected finding from this research is the Business Intelligent Requirement Model as a guild for sustainability of the rural telecenters.

Keywords: Rural ICT Telecenter(RICTT), business intelligence, sustainability, requirement analysis modal

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23 Archive's Accessibility of University Archive: Case Study at Universitas Gadjah Mada Archives

Authors: Berlian Eka Kurnia, Mohamad Very Setiawan, Rahmat Fadhli


Archives play an important role in organization’s continuity, especially related to the learning activities in the past. Archive management is considered accessible when the archive can be used when needed. University archive can support research activities for institutions, besides, archive management services also have to pay attention to the accessibility that became a barometer of how easy users get the data or information from an archive, use and understand it. This study identifies about the accessibility of archive services at the Universitas Gadjah Mada, with case study method. Universitas Gadjah Mada archives not only provide a service to the academicians, but also for public. Universitas Gadjah Mada archive can be traced online and offline. Online searching archives can be acceessed through an application “SIKS” and offline searching can be accessed by "finding aids" printed. Although Universitas Gadjah Mada Archives has its own procedures to access the archive directly, but they also remain guided by National Archive of Indonesia.

Keywords: archival institution, university archive, archive’s accessibility, archive management

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22 Cotton Crops Vegetative Indices Based Assessment Using Multispectral Images

Authors: Muhammad Shahzad Shifa, Amna Shifa, Muhammad Omar, Aamir Shahzad, Rahmat Ali Khan


Many applications of remote sensing to vegetation and crop response depend on spectral properties of individual leaves and plants. Vegetation indices are usually determined to estimate crop biophysical parameters like crop canopies and crop leaf area indices with the help of remote sensing. Cotton crops assessment is performed with the help of vegetative indices. Remotely sensed images from an optical multispectral radiometer MSR5 are used in this study. The interpretation is based on the fact that different materials reflect and absorb light differently at different wavelengths. Non-normalized and normalized forms of these datasets are analyzed using two complementary data mining algorithms; K-means and K-nearest neighbor (KNN). Our analysis shows that the use of normalized reflectance data and vegetative indices are suitable for an automated assessment and decision making.

Keywords: cotton, condition assessment, KNN algorithm, clustering, MSR5, vegetation indices

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21 Comparison of Loosely Coupled and Tightly Coupled INS/GNSS Architecture for Guided Rocket Navigation System

Authors: Rahmat Purwoko, Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono


This paper gives comparison of INS/GNSS architecture namely Loosely Coupled and Tightly Coupled using Hardware in the Loop Simulation in Guided Missile RKX-200 rocket model. INS/GNSS Tightly Coupled architecture requires pseudo-range, pseudo-range rate, and position and velocity of each satellite in constellation from GPS (Global Positioning System) measurement. The Loosely Coupled architecture use estimated position and velocity from GNSS receiver. INS/GNSS architecture also requires angular rate and specific force measurement from IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Loosely Coupled arhitecture designed using 15 states Kalman Filter and Tightly Coupled designed using 17 states Kalman Filter. Integration algorithm calculation using ECEF frame. Navigation System implemented Zedboard All Programmable SoC.

Keywords: kalman filter, loosely coupled, navigation system, tightly coupled

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20 Working Title: Estimating the Power Output of Photovoltaics in Kuwait Using a Monte Carlo Approach

Authors: Mohammad Alshawaf, Rahmat Poudineh, Nawaf Alhajeri


The power generated from photovoltaic (PV) modules is non-dispatchable on demand due to the stochastic nature of solar radiation. The random variations in the measured intensity of solar irradiance are due to clouds and, in the case of arid regions, dust storms which decrease the intensity of intensity of solar irradiance. Therefore, modeling PV power output using average, maximum, or minimum solar irradiance values is inefficient to predict power generation reliably. The overall objective of this paper is to predict the power output of PV modules using Monte Carlo approach based the weather and solar conditions measured in Kuwait. Given the 250 Wp PV module used in study, the average daily power output is 1021 Wh/day. The maximum power was generated in April and the minimum power was generated in January 1187 Wh/day and 823 Wh/day respectively. The certainty of the daily predictions varies seasonally and according to the weather conditions. The output predictions were far more certain in the summer months, for example, the 80% certainty range for August is 89 Wh/day, whereas the 80% certainty range for April is 250 Wh/day.

Keywords: Monte Carlo, solar energy, variable renewable energy, Kuwait

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19 Vulnerability Risk Assessment of Non-Engineered Houses Based on Damage Data of the 2009 Padang Earthquake 2009 in Padang City, Indonesia

Authors: Rusnardi Rahmat Putra, Junji Kiyono, Aiko Furukawa


Several powerful earthquakes have struck Padang during recent years, one of the largest of which was an M 7.6 event that occurred on September 30, 2009 and caused more than 1000 casualties. Following the event, we conducted a 12-site microtremor array investigation to gain a representative determination of the soil condition of subsurface structures in Padang. From the dispersion curve of array observations, the central business district of Padang corresponds to relatively soft soil condition with Vs30 less than 400 m/s. because only one accelerometer existed, we simulated the 2009 Padang earthquake to obtain peak ground acceleration for all sites in Padang city. By considering the damage data of the 2009 Padang earthquake, we produced seismic risk vulnerability estimation of non-engineered houses for rock, medium and soft soil condition. We estimated the loss ratio based on the ground response, seismic hazard of Padang and the existing damaged to non-engineered structure houses due to Padang earthquake in 2009 data for several return periods of earthquake events.

Keywords: profile, Padang earthquake, microtremor array, seismic vulnerability

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18 Increasing the Use of LNG on the Java Island (Bali Province) through the Development of Small-Scale LNG Projects

Authors: Herman Susilo, Rahmat Budiman


Bali province is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. As a central tourist destination, Bali is very concerned about the use of clean energy. Since Bali is an area that does not have natural resources, so all of its energy sources are imported from java island and other islands. As an example, currently, Pertagas is developing the use of LNG for the needs of the retail industry. Right now, LNG is transported from the LNG plant facility in Bontang (Kalimantan Province) using ISO Tanks which are transported by cargo ships and then transported by trucks to the island of Bali. After that, LNG from ISO Tank is breakbulk into LNG Cylinders for distribution to retail customers. The existing distribution scheme is very long and costly since the source of LNG is come from another island (Kalimantan) and is relatively far away. To solve this problem, we plan to build the mini-LNG plant on Java Island since there are lots of gas sources available. There are some small gas reserves (flared or stranded gas) that are not yet monetized and are less valuable (cheaper) because the volume is very small. After liquifying the gas from the gas field, the LNG is transported by the truck using ISO Tank. After that, LNG from ISO Tank is breakbulk into LNG Cylinders for distribution to retail customers. From this new LNG distribution scheme, there are 4-5 USD/MMBTU saving compared to the existing distribution scheme. It is hoped that with these cost savings, the number of retail LNG sales can increase rapidly.

Keywords: LNG, LNG retail, mini LNG, small scale LNG

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17 The Development of Portable Application Software for Cardiovascular Fitness Norms of NDUM Cadet Students

Authors: Mohar Kassim, Hardy Azmir, Rahmat Sholihin Mokhtar


The purpose of this study is to build portable application software to determine the level of cardiovascular fitness for cadet students of the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM). Fitness in the context of this study refers to physical fitness, specifically the cardiovascular endurance level test battery in the form of a 2.4 km run test for UPNM cadet students. This run test will be conducted to measure, test, and evaluate the performance of UPNM cadet students. All the run test results can be recorded electronically inside the portable software and will later be able to show the level of cardiovascular fitness of every cadet student according to age and gender. This software can also calculate the body mass index (BMI). Normative survey method will be used in this study through the analysis of the 2.4 km run test results. The run test scores will be classified in interval and ratio scales. Based on the findings of this study, portable application software will produced. The software will be able to directly assist the Military Training Academy (ALK), Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), and other relevant agencies in determining the level of cardiovascular fitness among their staff. The test can be done electronically and on portable mode. The next step to be taken is to have this application patented.

Keywords: development, software, application, portable, fitness norms, cardiovascular endurance

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16 Economic Load Dispatch with Valve-Point Loading Effect by Using Differential Evolution Immunized Ant Colony Optimization Technique

Authors: Nur Azzammudin Rahmat, Ismail Musirin, Ahmad Farid Abidin


Economic load dispatch is performed by the utilities in order to determine the best generation level at the most feasible operating cost. In order to guarantee satisfying energy delivery to the consumer, a precise calculation of generation level is required. In order to achieve accurate and practical solution, several considerations such as prohibited operating zones, valve-point effect and ramp-rate limit need to be taken into account. However, these considerations cause the optimization to become complex and difficult to solve. This research focuses on the valve-point effect that causes ripple in the fuel-cost curve. This paper also proposes Differential Evolution Immunized Ant Colony Optimization (DEIANT) in solving economic load dispatch problem with valve-point effect. Comparative studies involving DEIANT, EP and ACO are conducted on IEEE 30-Bus RTS for performance assessments. Results indicate that DEIANT is superior to the other compared methods in terms of calculating lower operating cost and power loss.

Keywords: ant colony optimization (ACO), differential evolution (DE), differential evolution immunized ant colony optimization (DEIANT), economic load dispatch (ELD)

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15 The Problems of Current Earth Coordinate System for Earthquake Forecasting Using Single Layer Hierarchical Graph Neuron

Authors: Benny Benyamin Nasution, Rahmat Widia Sembiring, Abdul Rahman Dalimunthe, Nursiah Mustari, Nisfan Bahri, Berta br Ginting, Riadil Akhir Lubis, Rita Tavip Megawati, Indri Dithisari


The earth coordinate system is an important part of an attempt for earthquake forecasting, such as the one using Single Layer Hierarchical Graph Neuron (SLHGN). However, there are a number of problems that need to be worked out before the coordinate system can be utilized for the forecaster. One example of those is that SLHGN requires that the focused area of an earthquake must be constructed in a grid-like form. In fact, within the current earth coordinate system, the same longitude-difference would produce different distances. This can be observed at the distance on the Equator compared to distance at both poles. To deal with such a problem, a coordinate system has been developed, so that it can be used to support the ongoing earthquake forecasting using SLHGN. Two important issues have been developed in this system: 1) each location is not represented through two-value (longitude and latitude), but only a single value, 2) the conversion of the earth coordinate system to the x-y cartesian system requires no angular formulas, which is therefore fast. The accuracy and the performance have not been measured yet, since earthquake data is difficult to obtain. However, the characteristics of the SLHGN results show a very promising answer.

Keywords: hierarchical graph neuron, multidimensional hierarchical graph neuron, single layer hierarchical graph neuron, natural disaster forecasting, earthquake forecasting, earth coordinate system

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14 Compilation of Islamic Law as Law Applied Religious Courts in Indonesia (Responding to Changes in Religious Courts Authority)

Authors: Hamdan Arief Hanif, Rahmat Sidiq


Indonesia is a country of law, the legal system adopted by Indonesia is a civil law system. A major feature of the civil law is the codified legislation. Meanwhile the majority of society Indonesia are Muslims, whilst Islamic law itself having the sources written in Qur'an, Sunnah and the opinion of Muslim scholars, generally not codified in book form of legislation that is easy on the set as a reference. in Indonesia, many scholars have different opinions in decisions so that there is no legal certainty in Muslim civil cases, so the need for legal codification, which, as the source of the judges in deciding a case, especially a case in religious courts. This paper raised the topic of discussion which offers a solution to the application of the codification of the Islamic Law which became the core resources in delivering a verdict against Islamic civil related issue; codification usually called a compilation of Islamic Law. Compilation of Islamic Law is highly recommended as a core reference for the judges in religious courts in Indonesia. This compilation which includes a collection of large number of opinions scholars (book of fiqh) that existed previously and are ripened in deduce in order to unify the existing differences. This paper also discusses how the early formation of the compilation and as the right solution in order to create legal certainty and justice especially for the muslim community in Indonesia.

Keywords: Islamic law, compilation, law applied core, religious court

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13 Detection of Cytotoxicity of Green Synthesized Silver, Gold, and Silver/Gold Bimetallic on Baby Hamster Kidney-21 Cells Using MTT Assay

Authors: Naila Sher, Mushtaq Ahmed, Nadia Mushtaq, Rahmat Ali Khan


In cancer therapy, nanoparticles (NPs) shall be applied possibly by inoculation in the veins of humans. This action will connect them with white (WBCs) and red blood cells (RBCs) in the bloodstream before they reach their main targeted cancer cells. However, possible effects of silver, gold, and silver/gold bimetallic NPs (Ag, Au, and Ag/Au BNPs) on baby hamster kidney-21 (BHK-21) cells were studied by MTT assay. Here, Ag, Au, and their Ag/Au BNPs (bimetallic nanoparticles) were synthesized by using Hippeastrum hybridum (HH) extract. These NPs were characterized by UV-visible spectroscopy, FT-IR, XRD, and EDX, and SEM analysis. XRD analysis conferring the crystal structure with an average size of 13.3, 10.72, and 8.34nm of Ag, Au, and Ag/Au BNPs, respectively. SEM showed that Ag, Au, and Ag/Au BNPs had irregular morphologies, with nano measures calculated sizes of 40, 30, and 20 nm respectively. EDX spectrometers confirmed the presence of elemental Ag signal of the AgNPs with 22.75%, Au signal of the AuNPs with 48.08%, Ag signal with 12%, and Au signal with 38.26% of the Ag/Au BNPs. The BHK-21cells were incubated in the existence of doxorubicin, plant extract, Ag, Au, and Ag/Au BNPs. The cytotoxic effects could be observed in a dose-dependent mode; doxorubicin and Ag/Au BNPs were more toxic than plant extract, Ag, and Au NPs. It is demonstrated that NPs interact with BHK-21cells and significantly reduce cell viability in a concentration-dependent manner. However, to reduce the potential threats of NPs further studies are recommended.

Keywords: hippeastrum hybridum, nanoparticle, BHK-21cells

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12 Green It-Outsourcing Assurance Model for It-Outsourcing Vendors

Authors: Siffat Ullah Khan, Rahmat Ullah Khan, Rafiq Ahmad Khan, Habibullah Khan


Green IT or green computing has emerged as a fast growing business paradigm in recent years in order to develop energy-efficient Software and peripheral devices. With the constant evolution of technology and the world critical environmental status, all private and public information technology (IT) businesses are moving towards sustainability. We identified, through systematic literature review and questionnaire survey, 9 motivators, in total, faced by vendors in IT-Outsourcing relationship. Amongst these motivators 7 were ranked as critical motivators. We also identified 21, in total, practices for addressing these critical motivators. Based on these inputs we have developed Green IT-Outsourcing Assurance Model (GITAM) for IT-Outsourcing vendors. The model comprises four different levels. i.e. Initial, White, Green and Grey. Each level comprises different critical motivators and their relevant practices. We conclude that our model, GITAM, will assist IT-Outsourcing vendors in gauging their level in order to manage IT-Outsourcing activities in a green and sustainable fashion to assist the environment and to reduce the carbon emission. The model will assist vendors in improving their current level by suggesting various practices. The model will contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of Green IT.

Keywords: Green IT-outsourcing Assurance Model (GITAM), Systematic Literature Review, Empirical Study, Case Study

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11 The Effects of the War between Russia and Ukraine on Qatar’s Fossil and Renewable Energy Policies

Authors: Rahmat Hajimineh, Ebrahim Rezaei Rad


The war between Russia and Ukraine is considered a very important event in international relations, especially after the end of the Cold War, a war that has had wide dimensions since its beginning. Dimensions that, in addition to political issues, have especially affected the world economy and especially the two countries. The most important issue in the field of the economy that was affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine was the issue of energy. Russia is one of the largest producers and suppliers of natural gas for European countries, and 40% of European gas is supplied by Russia. For this reason, it is natural that European countries have problems in this regard. On the other hand, Ukraine is considered the gateway to Europe for Russia regarding the export of natural gas. The war in Ukraine has had severe effects on gas and energy in Europe. From this point of view, European countries are looking to diversify their energy path by switching to renewable energies, and they are also looking at other energy-producing countries like Qatar to meet their energy needs. In this article, we are trying to investigate the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine on Qatar's policies in the field of fossil and renewable energy. The descriptive-analytical method and the theoretical framework of energy security have been used to review this article. Based on this, the article examines the situation of fossil and renewable energies in Qatar and, on the other hand, the effects of the war in Ukraine on both energies in Qatar. The findings of this article also indicate that Qatar has made changes in its energy policies after the war in Ukraine, which seems to be possible due to its high potential, especially in the field of renewable and fossil energy. There is an export of surplus production of this country to other countries, especially European countries.

Keywords: Ukraine War, fossil fuels, renewable energy, energy security, Qatar

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10 Properties of Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Amorphous and Crystalline Silica from Rice Husk

Authors: Norul Hisham Hamid, Amir Affan, Ummi Hani Abdullah, Paridah Md. Tahir, Khairul Akmal Azhar, Rahmat Nawai, W. B. H. Wan Sulwani Izzati


The dimensional stability and static bending properties of epoxy composite reinforced with amorphous and crystalline silica were investigated. The amorphous and crystalline silica was obtained by the precipitation method from carbonisation process of the rice husk at a temperature of 600 °C and 1000 °C for 7 hours respectively. The epoxy resin was mixed with 5%, 10% and 15% concentrations of amorphous and crystalline silica. The mixture was stirred for 10 minutes and cured at 28 °C for 72 hours and oven dried at 80 °C for 72 hours. The scanning electron microscope image showed the silica sized of 10-30nm was obtained. The water absorption and thickness swelling of epoxy/amorphous silica composite was not significantly different with silica concentration ranged from 0.08% to 0.09% and 0.17% to 0.20% respectively. The maximum modulus of rupture (85 MPa) and modulus of elasticity (3284 MPa) were achieved for 10% silica concentration. For epoxy/crystalline silica composite; the water absorption and thickness swelling were also not significantly different with silica concentration, ranged from 0.08% to 0.11% and 0.16% to 0.18% respectively. The maximum modulus of rupture (47.9 MPa) and modulus of elasticity (2760 MPa) were achieved for 10% silica concentration. Overall, the water absorption and thickness swelling were almost identical for epoxy composite made from either amorphous or crystalline silica. The epoxy composite made from amorphous silica was stronger than crystalline silica.

Keywords: epoxy, composite, dimensional stability, static bending, silica

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9 Factors that Predict Pre-Service Teachers' Decision to Integrate E-Learning: A Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Approach

Authors: Mohd Khairezan Rahmat


Since the impetus of becoming a develop country by the year 2020, the Malaysian government have been proactive in strengthening the integration of ICT into the national educational system. Teacher-education programs have the responsibility to prepare the nation future teachers by instilling in them the desire, confidence, and ability to fully utilized the potential of ICT into their instruction process. In an effort to fulfill this responsibility, teacher-education program are beginning to create alternatives means for preparing cutting-edge teachers. One of the alternatives is the student’s learning portal. In line with this mission, this study investigates the Faculty of Education, University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) pre-service teachers’ perception of usefulness, attitude, and ability toward the usage of the university learning portal, known as iLearn. The study also aimed to predict factors that might hinder the pre-service teachers’ decision to used iLearn as their platform in learning. The Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), was employed in analyzed the survey data. The suggested findings informed that pre-service teacher’s successful integration of the iLearn was highly influenced by their perception of usefulness of the system. The findings also suggested that the more familiar the pre-service teacher with the iLearn, the more possibility they will use the system. In light of similar study, the present findings hope to highlight the important to understand the user’s perception toward any proposed technology.

Keywords: e-learning, prediction factors, pre-service teacher, structural equation modeling (SEM)

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8 A Case Study of Building Behavior Damaged during 26th Oct, 2015 Earthquake in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Authors: Rahmat Ali, Amjad Naseer, Abid A. Shah


This paper is an attempt to presents the performance of building observed during 26th Oct, 2015 earthquake in District Swat and Shangla region. Most of the buildings in the earthquake hit areas were built with Rubble stone masonry, dress Stone Masonry, brick masonry with and without RC column, Brick masonry with RC beams and column, Block Masonry with and without RC column. It was found that most of the buildings were built without proper supervision and without following any codes. A majority of load bearing masonry walls were highly affected during the earthquake. The load bearing walls built with rubble stone masonry were collapsed resulting huge damages and loss of property and life. Load bearing bricks masonry walls were also affected in most of the region. In some residential buildings the bricks were crushed in a single brick walls. Severe cracks were also found in double brick masonry walls. In RC frame structure beams and columns were also seriously affected. A majority of building structures were non-engineered. Some buildings designed by unskilled local consultants were also affected during the earthquake. Several architectural and structural mistakes were also found in various buildings designed by local consultant. It was found that the structures were collapsed prematurely either because of unskillful labor and using substandard materials or avoiding delicate repair, maintenance, and health monitoring activities because of lack of available sophisticated technology in our country.

Keywords: cracks, collapse, earthquake, masonry, repair

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7 Empowering Women through the Fishermen of Functional Skills for City Gorontalo Indonesia

Authors: Abdul Rahmat


Community-based education in the economic empowerment of the family is an attempt to accelerate human development index (HDI) Dumbo Kingdom District of Gorontalo economics (purchasing power) program developed in this activity is the manufacture of functional skills shredded fish, fish balls, fish nuggets, chips anchovies, and corn sticks fish. The target audience of this activity is fishing se mothers subdistrict Dumbo Kingdom include Talumolo Village, Village Botu, Kampung Bugis Village, Village North and Sub Leato South Leato that each village is represented by 20 participants so totaling 100 participants. Time activities beginning in October s/d November 2014 held once a week on every Saturday at 9.00 s/d 13:00/14:00. From the results of the learning process of testing the skills of functional skills of making shredded fish, fish balls, fish nuggets, chips anchovies, fish and corn sticks residents have additional knowledge and experience are: 1) Order the concept include: nutrient content, processing food with fish raw materials , variations in taste, packaging, pricing and marketing sales. 2) Products made: in accordance with the wishes of the residents learned that estimated Eligible selling, product packaging logo creation, preparation and realization of the establishment of Business Study Group (KBU) and pioneered the marketing network with restaurant, store / shop staple food vendors that are around CLC.

Keywords: community development, functional skills, gender, HDI

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6 The Impact of Preference-Based Employee Deployment toward Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Performance: Case Study in Directorate General of State Asset Management, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

Authors: Rahmat Irawan, Mundhir Hanifsyam Harahap, Andar Ristabet Hesda


As a public sector organization in Indonesia, Directorate General of State Asset Management (DGSAM) which is a unit under the Ministry of Finance of The Republic of Indonesia, has many constraints in managing its employees. While private organizations are able to conduct a human resource management as the best practice, DGSAM is limited by many regulations, especially about punishment and lay off policy for under-performance employees. Therefore, since 2015, DGSAM tries to implement a new and uncommon approach considering employees’ preference to encourage the motivation and performance of employees. DGSAM’s employees may propose the job places, and DGSAM considers them in deciding employees deployment. This study tries to determine the impact of preference-based approach toward employees’ satisfaction and organizational performance. This study uses quantitative approaches by regression analysis to measure the impact of deployment toward satisfaction of deployed employees and performance change of related units in DGSAM. The result of this study shows that preference-based approach significantly improves employees’ satisfaction and performance of related units as well. Based on the results of this study, it can be suggested that the approach is able to be implemented in the wider scope of the Ministry of Finance of The Republic of Indonesia and whole public sector organization in Indonesia. However, this study only focuses on short term measurement, so it is suggested to do further study to analyze the long-term impact.

Keywords: employee deployment, employee satisfaction, human resource management, organizational performance, preference-based approach

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5 Determining Design Parameters for Sizing of Hydronic Heating Systems in Concrete Thermally Activated Building Systems

Authors: Rahmat Ali, Inamullah Khan, Amjad Naseer, Abid A. Shah


Hydronic Heating and Cooling systems in concrete slab based buildings are increasingly becoming a popular substitute to conventional heating and cooling systems. In exploring the materials, techniques employed, and their relative performance measures, a fair bit of uncertainty exists. This research has identified the simplest method of determining the thermal field of a single hydronic pipe when acting as a part of a concrete slab, based on which the spacing and positioning of pipes for a best thermal performance and surface temperature control are determined. The pipe material chosen is the commonly used PEX pipe, which has an all-around performance and thermal characteristics with a thermal conductivity of 0.5W/mK. Concrete Test samples were constructed and their thermal fields tested under varying input conditions. Temperature sensing devices were embedded into the wet concrete at fixed distances from the pipe and other touch sensing temperature devices were employed for determining the extent of the thermal field and validation studies. In the first stage, it was found that the temperature along a specific distance was the same and that heat dissipation occurred in well-defined layers. The temperature obtained in concrete was then related to the different control parameters including water supply temperature. From the results, the temperature of water required for a specific temperature rise in concrete is determined. The thermally effective area is also determined which is then used to calculate the pipe spacing and positioning for the desired level of thermal comfort.

Keywords: thermally activated building systems, concrete slab temperature, thermal field, energy efficiency, thermal comfort, pipe spacing

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4 Impact of Charging PHEV at Different Penetration Levels on Power System Network

Authors: M. R. Ahmad, I. Musirin, M. M. Othman, N. A. Rahmat


Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (PHEV) has gained immense popularity in recent years. PHEV offers numerous advantages compared to the conventional internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Millions of PHEVs are estimated to be on the road in the USA by 2020. Uncoordinated PHEV charging is believed to cause severe impacts to the power grid; i.e. feeders, lines and transformers overload and voltage drop. Nevertheless, improper PHEV data model used in such studies may cause the findings of their works is in appropriated. Although smart charging is more attractive to researchers in recent years, its implementation is not yet attainable on the street due to its requirement for physical infrastructure readiness and technology advancement. As the first step, it is finest to study the impact of charging PHEV based on real vehicle travel data from National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) and at present charging rate. Due to the lack of charging station on the street at the moment, charging PHEV at home is the best option and has been considered in this work. This paper proposed a technique that comprehensively presents the impact of charging PHEV on power system networks considering huge numbers of PHEV samples with its traveling data pattern. Vehicles Charging Load Profile (VCLP) is developed and implemented in IEEE 30-bus test system that represents a portion of American Electric Power System (Midwestern US). Normalization technique is used to correspond to real time loads at all buses. Results from the study indicated that charging PHEV using opportunity charging will have significant impacts on power system networks, especially whereas bigger battery capacity (kWh) is used as well as for higher penetration level.

Keywords: plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, transportation electrification, impact of charging PHEV, electricity demand profile, load profile

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3 Kinetics and Toxicological Effects of Kickxia elatine Extract-Based Silver Nanoparticles on Rat Brain Acetylcholinesterase

Authors: Noor Ul Huda, Mushtaq Ahmed, Nadia Mushtaq, Naila Sher, Rahmat Ali Khan


Purpose: The green synthesis of AgNPs has been favored over chemical synthesis due to their distinctive properties such as high dispersion, surface-to-volume ratio, low toxicity, and easy preparation. In the present work, the biosynthesis of AgNPs (KE-AgNPs) was carried out in one step by using the traditionally used plant Kickxia elatine (KE) extract and then investigated its enzyme inhibiting activity against rat’s brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in vitro. Methods: KE-AgNPs were synthesized from 1mM AgNO₃ using KE extract and characterized by UV–spectroscopy, SEM, EDX, XRD, and FTIR analysis. Rat’s brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibition activity was evaluated by the standard protocol. Results: UV–spectrum at 416 nm confirmed the formation of KE-AgNPs. X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern presented 2θ values corresponding to the crystalline nature of KE-AgNPs with an average size of 42.47nm. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis confirmed the presence of spherical-shaped and huge density KE-AgNPs with a size of 50nm. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) suggested that the functional groups present in KE extract and on the surface of KE-AgNPs are responsible for the stability of biosynthesized NPs. Energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) displayed an intense sharp peak at 3.2 keV, presenting that Ag was the chief element with 61.67%. Both KE extract and KE-AgNPs showed good and potent anti-AChE activity, with higher inhibition potential at a concentration of 175 µg/ml. Statistical analysis showed that both KEE and AgNPs exhibited non-competitive type inhibition against AChE, i.e., Vmax decreased (34.17-68.64% and 22.29- 62.10%) in the concentration-dependent mode for KEE and KE-AgNPs respectively and while Km values remained constant. Conclusions: KEE and KE-AgNPs can be considered an inhibitor of rats’ brain AChE, and the synthesis of KE-AgNPs-based drugs can be used as a cheaper and alternative option against diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Keywords: Kickxia elatine, AgNPs, brain homogenate, acetylcholinesterase, kinetics

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2 Greening the Blue: Enzymatic Degradation of Commercially Important Biopolymer Dextran Using Dextranase from Bacillus Licheniformis KIBGE-IB25

Authors: Rashida Rahmat Zohra, Afsheen Aman, Shah Ali Ul Qader


Commercially important biopolymer, dextran, is enzymatically degraded into lower molecular weight fractions of vast industrial potential. Various organisms are associated with dextranase production, among which fungal, yeast and bacterial origins are used for commercial production. Dextranases are used to remove contaminating dextran in sugar processing industry and also used in oral care products for efficient removal of dental plaque. Among the hydrolytic products of dextran, isomaltooligosaccharides have prebiotic effect in humans and reduces the cariogenic effect of sucrose in oral cavity. Dextran derivatives produced by hydrolysis of high molecular polymer are also conjugated with other chemical and metallic compounds for usage in pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, cosmetics, and food industry. Owing to the vast application of dextran and dextranases, current study focused on purification and analysis of kinetic parameters of dextranase from a newly isolated strain of Bacillus licheniformis KIBGE-IB25. Dextranase was purified up to 35.75 folds with specific activity of 1405 U/mg and molecular weight of 158 kDa. Analysis of kinetic parameters revealed that dextranase performs optimum cleavage of low molecular weight dextran (5000 Da, 0.5%) at 35ºC in 15 min at pH 4.5 with a Km and Vmax of 0.3738 mg/ml and 182.0 µmol/min, respectively. Thermal stability profiling of dextranase showed that it retained 80% activity up to 6 hours at 30-35ºC and remains 90% active at pH 4.5. In short, the dextranase reported here performs rapid cleavage of substrate at mild operational conditions which makes it an ideal candidate for dextran removal in sugar processing industry and for commercial production of low molecular weight oligosaccharides.

Keywords: Bacillus licheniformis, dextranase, gel permeation chromatograpy, enzyme purification, enzyme kinetics

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1 Optimization of Shale Gas Production by Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing

Authors: Fazl Ullah, Rahmat Ullah


This paper shows a comprehensive learning focused on the optimization of gas production in shale gas reservoirs through hydraulic fracturing. Shale gas has emerged as an important unconventional vigor resource, necessitating innovative techniques to enhance its extraction. The key objective of this study is to examine the influence of fracture parameters on reservoir productivity and formulate strategies for production optimization. A sophisticated model integrating gas flow dynamics and real stress considerations is developed for hydraulic fracturing in multi-stage shale gas reservoirs. This model encompasses distinct zones: a single-porosity medium region, a dual-porosity average region, and a hydraulic fracture region. The apparent permeability of the matrix and fracture system is modeled using principles like effective stress mechanics, porous elastic medium theory, fractal dimension evolution, and fluid transport apparatuses. The developed model is then validated using field data from the Barnett and Marcellus formations, enhancing its reliability and accuracy. By solving the partial differential equation by means of COMSOL software, the research yields valuable insights into optimal fracture parameters. The findings reveal the influence of fracture length, diversion capacity, and width on gas production. For reservoirs with higher permeability, extending hydraulic fracture lengths proves beneficial, while complex fracture geometries offer potential for low-permeability reservoirs. Overall, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of hydraulic cracking dynamics in shale gas reservoirs and provides essential guidance for optimizing gas production. The research findings are instrumental for energy industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers alike, shaping the future of sustainable energy extraction from unconventional resources.

Keywords: fluid-solid coupling, apparent permeability, shale gas reservoir, fracture property, numerical simulation

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