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5 The Research of Reliability of MEMS Device under Thermal Shock Test in Space Mission

Authors: Liu Ziyu, Gao Yongfeng, Li Muhua, Zhao Jiahao, Meng Song


The effect of thermal shock on the operation of micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) were examined. All MEMS device were tested before and after three different conditions of thermal shock (from -55℃ to 85℃, from -65℃ to 125℃, from -65℃ to 200℃). The micro lens showed no changes after thermal shock, which shows that the design of the micro lens can be well adapted to the application environment in the space. The design of the micro mirror can be well adapted to the space application environment. The micro-magnetometer, RF MEMS switch and the micro accelerometer exhibited degradation and parameter drift after thermal shock, potential mechanical was proposed.

Keywords: MEMS, thermal shock test, reliability, space environment

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4 Rising Individual Responsibility in Healthcare: A Case Study of China

Authors: Ziyu Liu, Martin Buijsen


Although great achievements have been made since the beginning of the Chinese healthcare system reform in 1978, there still remain unresolved problems. Currently, the two leading social issues are accessibility and affordability of healthcare. Facing those challenges, Chinese government initiated the third round of healthcare system reform, accompanied by an array of measures. The newly launched strategies show a tendency to deliver healthcare as welfare goods, achieving equality through an ex-post perspective instead of an ex-ante view. However, if the reform efforts rely solely on the notion of “welfare”, the wrong idea of the government as the only duty-bearer in healthcare will arise. Several major threats, such as high costs as a result of inefficiencies and free riding then become imminent. Therefore, on the basis of Dworkin’s theory, this paper argues that individual responsibility should be introduced when constructing a sustainable healthcare system. And it should be equally highlighted as the duties of government. Furthermore, the notion of individual responsibility is believed to be necessary for promoting the justice of a healthcare system.

Keywords: Chinese healthcare system reform, individual responsibility, right to healthcare, social justice

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3 The Influence of Cycle Index of Simulation Condition on Main Bearing Wear Prognosis of Internal Combustion Engine

Authors: Ziyu Diao, Yanyan Zhang, Zhentao Liu, Ruidong Yan


The update frequency of wear profile in main bearing wear prognosis of internal combustion engine plays an important role in the calculation efficiency and accuracy. In order to investigate the appropriate cycle index of the simplified working condition of wear simulation, the main bearing-crankshaft journal friction pair of a diesel engine in service was studied in this paper. The method of multi-body dynamics simulation was used, and the wear prognosis model of the main bearing was established. Several groups of cycle indexes were set up for the wear calculation, and the maximum wear depth and wear profile were compared and analyzed. The results showed that when the cycle index reaches 3, the maximum deviation rate of the maximum wear depth is about 2.8%, and the maximum deviation rate comes to 1.6% when the cycle index reaches 5. This study provides guidance and suggestions for the optimization of wear prognosis by selecting appropriate value of cycle index according to the requirement of calculation cost and accuracy of the simulation work.

Keywords: cycle index, deviation rate, wear calculation, wear profile

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2 Dynamic Simulation for Surface Wear Prognosis of the Main Bearings in the Internal Combustion Engine

Authors: Yanyan Zhang, Ziyu Diao, Zhentao Liu, Ruidong Yan


The wear character of the main bearing is one of the critical indicators for the overhaul of an internal combustion engine, and the aim of this paper is to reveal the dynamic wear mechanism of the main bearings. A numerical simulation model combined multi-body dynamic equations of the engine, the average Reynolds equations of the bearing lubricant, asperity contact and wear model of the joint surfaces were established under typical operating conditions. The wear results were verified by experimental data, and then the influence of operating conditions, bearing clearance and cylinder pressure on the wear character of selected main bearings were analyzed. The results show that the contribution degree of different working conditions on the wear profile and depth of each bearing is obviously different, and the increase of joint clearance or cylinder pressure will accelerate the wear. The numerical model presented can be used to wear prognosis for joints and provide guidance for optimization design of sliding bearings.

Keywords: dynamic simulation, multi-body dynamics, sliding bearing, surface wear

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1 Acetic Acid Adsorption and Decomposition on Pt(111): Comparisons to Ni(111)

Authors: Lotanna Ezeonu, Jason P. Robbins, Ziyu Tang, Xiaofang Yang, Bruce E. Koel, Simon G. Podkolzin


The interaction of organic molecules with metal surfaces is of interest in numerous technological applications, such as catalysis, bone replacement, and biosensors. Acetic acid is one of the main products of bio-oils produced from the pyrolysis of hemicellulosic feedstocks. However, their high oxygen content makes them unsuitable for use as fuels. Hydrodeoxygenation is a proven technique for catalytic deoxygenation of bio-oils. An understanding of the energetics and control of the bond-breaking sequences of biomass-derived oxygenates on metal surfaces will enable a guided optimization of existing catalysts and the development of more active/selective processes for biomass transformations to fuels. Such investigations have been carried out with the aid of ultrahigh vacuum and its concomitant techniques. The high catalytic activity of platinum in biomass-derived oxygenate transformations has sparked a lot of interest. We herein exploit infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy(IRAS), temperature-programmed desorption(TPD), and density functional theory(DFT) to study the adsorption and decomposition of acetic acid on a Pt(111) surface, which was then compared with Ni(111), a model non-noble metal. We found that acetic acid adsorbs molecularly on the Pt(111) surface, interacting through the lone pair of electrons of one oxygen atomat 90 K. At 140 K, the molecular form is still predominant, with some dissociative adsorption (in the form of acetate and hydrogen). Annealing to 193 K led to complete dehydrogenation of molecular acetic acid species leaving adsorbed acetate. At 440 K, decomposition of the acetate species occurs via decarbonylation and decarboxylation as evidenced by desorption peaks for H₂,CO, CO₂ and CHX fragments (x=1, 2) in theTPD.The assignments for the experimental IR peaks were made using visualization of the DFT-calculated vibrational modes. The results showed that acetate adsorbs in a bridged bidentate (μ²η²(O,O)) configuration. The coexistence of linear and bridge bonded CO was also predicted by the DFT results. Similar molecular acid adsorption energy was predicted in the case of Ni(111) whereas a significant difference was found for acetate adsorption.

Keywords: acetic acid, platinum, nickel, infared-absorption spectrocopy, temperature programmed desorption, density functional theory

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