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3 Purpose in Procurement: Much Discussed, Less Conceptualized – An Exploratory Study of CPO Perceptions Based on the Gioia Methodology

Authors: Laurin Zemmrich, Nicolai Stickler


With the ongoing debate over how to incorporate sustainability, resilience, and value creation into business strategies, many procurement departments are put under pressure by governments, consumers, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to disclose more information about their supply chains. According to practitioners and experts, procurement benefits the supply chain by increasing transparency and accountability, recruiting new suppliers, and supporting sustainable and ethical sourcing strategies. While most procurement departments establish these objectives, the bulk of activities are not carried out or are not regularly monitored. With the full potential of targeted sourcing still to be realized, procurement executives, in particular, are seeking for short-term cost-cutting impacts to appease external shareholders. We overcome this limitation by using an abductive approach to research and integrating empirical data from a Gioia methodology study design with relevant literature. Our analysis demonstrates that the procurement department has six essential levers aligned with sustainability, resilience, and value creation objectives and contributes to developing a new intra- and interorganizational purpose within the supply chain. Three enablers are identified as having a value-creating effect on supply chain interactions. Additionally, we discovered two impacts that alter the power balance between buyers and suppliers during transactions and have a cost-cutting or cost-avoiding effect. While cost-cutting, cost-avoidance, and dependency-reduction impacts are desirable, redistributing power may also have negative consequences. The article establishes a first strategy framework for evaluating the influence of the procurement department on supply chain transactions, allowing managers to understand better and apply the sourcing function inside a supply chain and embed it throughout the business.

Keywords: supply chain management, resilience, sustainability, value creation, purpose

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2 Protective Coating Layers via Phosphazene Compounds for Stabilizing Silicon Anode Materials

Authors: Adjmal Ghaur, Christoph Peschel, Iris Dienwiebel, Lukas Haneke, Leilei Du , Laurin Profanter, Tobias Placke, Martin Winter


In recent years, lithium-ion batteries (LIBs)are widely used in electric vehicles (EVs) and mobile energy storage devices (ESDs), which has led to higher requirements for energy density. To fulfill these requirements, tremendous attention has been paid to design advanced LIBs with various siliconactive materials as alternative negative electrodes to replace graphite (372 mAh g⁻¹)due to their high theoretical gravimetric capacity (4200mAh g⁻¹). However, silicon as potential anode material suffers from huge volume changes during charging and discharging and has poor electronicconductivity which negatively impacts the long-term performance and preventshigh silicon contents from practical application. Additionally, an unstable crystalline silicon structure tends to pulverization during the (de)lithiation process. To compensate for the volume changes, alleviate pulverization, and maintain high electronicconductivity, silicon-doped graphite composites with protecting coating layers are a promising approach. In this context, phosphazene compounds are investigated concerning their silicon protecting properties in silicon-doped graphite composites. In detail, electrochemical performance measurements in pouch full-cells(NCM523||SiOx/C), supressing gas formation properties, and post-mortem analyzes were carried out to characterize phosphazene compounds as additive materials. The introduction of the dual-additive approach in state-of-the-art electrolytes leads to synergistic effects between FEC and phosphazene compounds which accelerate the durability of silicon particles and results in enhanced electrochemical performance.

Keywords: silicon, phosphazene, solid electrolyte interphase, electrolyte, gasmeasurements

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1 The Effect of Probiotic and Vitamin B Complex Supplementation on Interferon-γ and Interleukin-10 Levels in Patients with TB Infection during Intensive Phase Therapy

Authors: Yulistiani Yulistiani, Wenny Nilamsari, Laurin Winarso, Rizkiya Rizkiya, Zamrotul Izzah, Budi Suprapti, Arif Bachtiar


Approximately, a million new cases of TB have been found out per year, making Indonesia as the second greatest country with TBC after India. Nevertheless, until now, there are still many patients failure to conventional therapy with oral anti tuberculosis. Thus, the discovery of supplement therapy is urgently needed. Many studies showed that probiotic had the positive impact in lung diseases, diarrhea, pneumonia and it was attributed to its capability to balance the level of cytokine pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. It was demonstrated in active disease the production of IFN-γ is strongly depressed and IL-10 level increases. This study aimed to investigate the effect of probiotic (multi strains) and vitamin B complex supplementation on IFN-γ and IL-10 level in patients with TB infection during intensive phase therapy. A randomized controlled trial, open labeled was conducted in TB patients with the following criteria: 1) age 18-55 years old 2) receiving oral antituberculosis during intensive therapy 3) not using probiotic, vitamin B1, B6, B12 2 weeks before enrollment 4) willing to participate in this study and signed an informed consent. While, patients with HIV, pregnant, had the history of diabetes mellitus, using corticosteroid or other immunosuppressants were excluded. IFN-γ and IL-10 levels were drawn before observation and after a month observation. The assay was performed by ELISA. There were seven patients in treated group and five patients in controlled group obtained in this study. Between groups, there was no statistical difference in comorbid, age, and disease duration. The mean level of IFN-γ after a month observation increased in treated group and controlled group, which were 31.47 ± 105.46 pg/ml and 15.09 ± 24.23 pg/ml, respectively (p> 0.005). Although, there were not statistically different, treated group showed a greater increase of IFN-γ level than that of the controlled group. IFN-γ plays an important role in immune response to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, by activating macrofag, monosit and furthermore killing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Thus the level was expected to increase after supplementation with probiotic and Vitamin B complex. While the mean level of IL-10 also increased after one month observation in the treated group and controlled group (4.28 ± 12.29 pg/ml and 5.77± 6.21 pg/ml, respectively) (p>0.005). To be compared, the increased level of IL-10 in the treated group were lower than the controlled group, although it was not statistically different. IL-10 is a cytokine anti-inflammatory, thus, the level after the observation was expected to decrease. In this study, a month therapy of probiotic and vitamin B complex was not able to demonstrate the decrease of the IL-10 level. It is suggested to prolong observation up to 2 months, because, in intensive phase, the level of cytokine anti-inflammatory is very high, so the longer therapy is needed. It is indicated that supplementation therapy with probiotic and vitamin B complex to Oral Anti-Tuberculosis may have a positive effect on increasing IFN-γ level and slowing the progression of IL-10.

Keywords: TB Infection, IFN-γ, IL-10, probiotic, vitamin B complex

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