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16 Professional Management on Ecotourism and Conservation to Ensure the Future of Komodo National Park

Authors: Daningsih Sulaeman, Achmad Sjarmidi, Djoko T. Iskandar


Komodo National Park can be associated with the implementation of ecotourism program. The result of Principal Components Analysis is synthesized, tested, and compared to the basic concept of ecotourism with some field adjustments. Principal aspects of professional management should involve ecotourism and wildlife welfare. The awareness should be focused on the future of the Natural Park as 7th Wonder Natural Heritage and its wildlife components, free from human wastes and beneficial to wildlife and local people. According to perceptions and expectations of visitors from various results of tourism programs, the visitor’s perceptions showed that the tourism management in Komodo National Park should pay more attention to visitor's satisfaction and expectation and gives positive impact directly to the ecosystem sustainability, local community and transparency to the conservation program.

Keywords: 7th wonders of nature, ecotourism, Komodo dragon, visitor’s perceptions, wildlife management

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15 Shaping Lexical Concept of 'Mage' through Image Schemas in Dragon Age 'Origins'

Authors: Dean Raiyasmi, Elvi Citraresmana, Sutiono Mahdi


Language shapes the human mind and its concept toward things. Using image schemas, in nowadays technology, even AI (artificial intelligence) can concept things in response to their creator negativity or positivity. This is reflected inside one of the most selling game around the world in 2012 called Dragon Age Origins. The AI in form of NPC (Non-Playable Character) inside the game reflects on the creator of the game on negativity or positivity toward the lexical concept of mage. Through image schemas, shaping the lexical concept of mage deemed possible and proved the negativity or positivity creator of the game toward mage. This research analyses the cognitive-semantic process of image schema and shaping the concept of ‘mage’ by describing kinds of image schemas exist in the Dragon Age Origin Game. This research is also aimed to analyse kinds of image schemas and describing the image schemas which shaping the concept of ‘mage’ itself. The methodology used in this research is qualitative where participative observation is employed with five stages and documentation. The results shows that there are four image schemas exist in the game and those image schemas shaping the lexical concept of ‘mage’.

Keywords: cognitive semantic, image-schema, conceptual metaphor, video game

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14 Quest for Literary Past: A Study of Byatt’s Possession

Authors: Chen Jun


Antonia Susan Byatt’s Possession: A Romance has been misread as a postmodern pastiche novel since its publication because there are epics, epigraphs, lyrics, fairy tales, epistles, and even critical articles swollen in this work. The word ‘pastiche’ suggests messy, disorganized, and chaotic, which buries its artistic excellence while overlooking its subtitle, A Romance. The center of romance is the quest that the hero sets forth to conquer the adversity, hardship, and danger to accomplish a task to prove his identity or social worth. This paper argues that Byatt’s Possession is not a postmodern pastiche novel but rather a postmodern romance in which the characters in the academic world set forth their quest into the Victorian literary past that is nostalgically identified by Byatt as the Golden Age of English literature. In doing so, these five following issues are addressed: first, the origin of the protagonist Roland, and consequently, the nature of his quest; second, the central image of the dragon created by the fictional Victorian poet Henry Ash; third, Melusine as an image of female serpent created by the fictional Victorian poet Christabel LaMotte; fourth, the images of the two ladies; last, the image of water that links the dragon and the serpent. In Possession, the past is reinvented not as an unfortunate fall but as a Golden Age presented in the imaginative academic adventure. The dragon, a stereotypical symbol of evil, becomes the symbol of life in Byatt’s work, which parallels with the image of the mythical phoenix that can resurrect from its own ash. At the same time, the phoenix symbolizes Byatt’s efforts to revive the Victorian poetic art that is supposed to be dead in the post-capitalism society when the novel is the dominating literary genre and poetry becomes the minority. The fictional Victorian poet Ash is in fact Byatt’s own poetic mask through which she breathes life into the lost poetic artistry in the postmodern era.

Keywords: Byatt, possession, postmodern romance, literary past

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13 Seal Capacity Evaluation by Using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Method Integrated with Petrographic Data: A Case Study in Green Dragon Oilfield Offshore Vietnam

Authors: Quoc Ngoc Phan, Hieu Van Nguyen, Minh Hong Nguyen


This study presents an integrated approach using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) and petrographic analysis to assess the seal quality of the inter-bedded shale formations which are considered the intra-formation top seals of hydrocarbon bearing zones in Green Dragon structure. Based on the hydrocarbon column height (HCH) at leak point derived from capillary pressure data, four seal types were identified. Furthermore, the results of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis were interpreted to clarify the influence of clay minerals on seal capacity. The result of the study indicated that the inter-bedded shale formations are the good sealing quality with a majority of analyzed samples ranked type A and B seals in the sample set. Both seal types occurred mainly in mudstones with pore radius estimated less than 0.251 µm. Overall, type A and B seals contained a large amount of authigenic clay minerals such as illite, chlorite which showed the complexity of morphological arrangement in pore space. Conversely, the least common seal type C and D were presented in moderately compacted sandstones with more open pore radius. It is noticeable that there was a reduction of illite and chlorite in clay mineral fraction of these seal type. It is expected that the integrated analysis approach using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure and petrographic data employed in this study can be applied to assess the sealing quality of future well sites in Green Dragon or other structures.

Keywords: seal capacity, hydrocarbon height column, seal type, SEM, XRD

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12 Disney Princesses and Princes and Gender Propaganda

Authors: Rosalba Castiglione


According to some scholars, Disney films promote gender inequality to ensure gender hegemony. Concerningly, Disney films are mainly produced and marketed for children, so gendered messages might significantly influence children’s gender role development, with a long-term impact on their relationships and confidence. This is underpinned by two socialisation theories, Social Cognitive Theory and Cultivation Theory, used as the theoretical framework for the present study. This study examines six Disney films, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (released in 1937), to Raya and the Last Dragon (released in 2021), aiming to understand how Disney princesses and princes promote gendered stereotypes and whether some changes can be observed over time. Data collection and data analysis were conducted using Braun and Clarke’s guidance on reflexive thematic analysis. Disney princesses and princes seem to consistently display strongly gendered stereotypes, such as passive and vulnerable princesses vs. assertive, powerful, and abusive princes. In accordance with the existing literature. Most recent releases show more balanced gender roles. Belle (Beauty and the Beast, released in 1991) and Mulan (released in 1998) are somewhat rebellious; Tiana (The Princess and the Frog, released in 2009) is determined; their princes show emotions. Despite this, dangerous gendered stereotypes continue to be displayed. Whilst Raya and the Last Dragon displays significant progress, and one must bear in mind that children might be equally exposed to both ‘old’ and ‘new’ Disney films, so parents should be cautious. Also, governments should introduce regulations to protect young viewers. This is not arguably the case in the UK, where the BBFC, currently responsible for rating films in the UK, should probably consider gendered messages more seriously.

Keywords: cautious film rating, Disney, gender role development, gender stereotypes

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11 Design of Agricultural Machinery Factory Facility Layout

Authors: Nilda Tri Putri, Muhammad Taufik


Tools and agricultural machinery (Alsintan) is a tool used in agribusiness activities. Alsintan used to change the traditional farming systems generally use manual equipment into modern agriculture with mechanization. CV Nugraha Chakti Consultant make an action plan for industrial development Alsintan West Sumatra in 2012 to develop medium industries of Alsintan become a major industry of Alsintan, one of efforts made is increase the production capacity of the industry Alsintan. Production capacity for superior products as hydrotiller and threshers set each for 2.000 units per year. CV Citra Dragon as one of the medium industry alsintan in West Sumatra has a plan to relocate the existing plant to meet growing consumer demand each year. Increased production capacity and plant relocation plan has led to a change in the layout; therefore need to design the layout of the plant facility CV Citra Dragon. First step the to design of plant layout is design the layout of the production floor. The design of the production floor layout is done by applying group technology layout. The initial step is to do a machine grouping and part family using the Average Linkage Clustering (ALC) and Rank Order Clustering (ROC). Furthermore done independent work station design and layout design using the Modified Spanning Tree (MST). Alternative selection layout is done to select the best production floor layout between ALC and ROC cell grouping. Furthermore, to design the layout of warehouses, offices and other production support facilities. Activity Relationship Chart methods used to organize the placement of factory facilities has been designed. After structuring plan facilities, calculated cost manufacturing facility plant establishment. Type of layout is used on the production floor layout technology group. The production floor is composed of four cell machinery, assembly area and painting area. The total distance of the displacement of material in a single production amounted to 1120.16 m which means need 18,7minutes of transportation time for one time production. Alsintan Factory has designed a circular flow pattern with 11 facilities. The facilities were designed consisting of 10 rooms and 1 parking space. The measure of factory building is 84 m x 52 m.

Keywords: Average Linkage Clustering (ALC), Rank Order Clustering (ROC), Modified Spanning Tree (MST), Activity Relationship Chart (ARC)

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10 QSAR Study and Haptotropic Rearrangement in Estradiol Derivatives

Authors: Mohamed Abd Esselem Dems, Souhila Laib, Nadjia Latelli, Nadia Ouddai


In this work, we have developed QSAR model for Relative Binding Affinity (RBA) of a large diverse set of estradiol among these derivatives, the organometallic derivatives. By dividing the dataset into a training set of 24 compounds and a test set of 6 compounds. The DFT method was used to calculate quantum chemical descriptors and physicochemical descriptors (MR and MLOGP) were performed using E-Dragon. All the validations indicated that the QSAR model built was robust and satisfactory (R2 = 90.12, Q2LOO = 86.61, RMSE = 0.272, F = 60.6473, Q2ext =86.07). We have therefore apply this model to predict the RBA, for two isomers β and α wherein Mn(CO)3 complex with the aromatic ring of estradiol, and the two isomers show little appreciation for the estrogenic receptor (RBAβ = 1.812 and RBAα = 1.741).

Keywords: DFT, estradiol, haptotropic rearrangement, QSAR, relative binding affinity

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9 Comparison of Dubbing and Subtitling through Critical Discourse Analysis: Detecting Lexical Differences and Similarities in the Movie 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

Authors: Saber Noie, F. Jafarpour


Translation of the movies was one of important issues of the translators. In this study, the notions of ‘foreignization’, ‘domestication’, and ‘critical discourse analysis’ (CDA) in translation studies were discussed. This study is a comparative study and attempts towards clarifying the lexical differences and similarities between dubbing and subtitling in audiovisual translation through CDA. The strategies proposed by Venuti (1995) and Newmark (1988) used first by researcher and then, the researcher went back to the Van Dijk’s CDA (1995), in the part dominance. This study shows that according to CDA, the dominant strategy in subtitling is foreignization and dominant strategy in dubbing is domestication.

Keywords: critical discourse analysis, CDA, dub, subtitle, foreignization, domestication

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8 Evaluation of the Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Potential of Fruit and Vegetable Peels

Authors: E. Chiam, E. Koh, W. Teh, M. Prabhakaran


Fruits and vegetables (F&V) are widely eaten for their nutritional value and associated health benefits being an immense source of bioactive compounds. However, F&V peels are often discarded, and it accounts for a higher proportion of food waste. Incorporation of F&V peels as functional ingredients can add more value to food due to the higher amounts of phytochemicals present in them. In this research, methanolic extracts of different F&V peels, namely apple, orange, kiwi, grapefruit, dragon fruit, pomelo, and pumpkin are investigated for their total phenolic content (TPC) by Folin-Ciocalteau (FC) assay and the antioxidant capacity was evaluated by 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) and phosphomolybdenum assay using UV-Vis spectroscopy. Evaluation of the α-glucosidase inhibitory assay was carried out during this study to determine the antidiabetic potential of F&V peels. Results of our study showed that grapefruit peels contained the highest total phenolic content of 477.81 ± 0.01 mg gallic acid equivalent per gram dry weight of the sample, and kiwi peel had the highest antioxidant capacity (90.51 ± 0.10 % inhibition of DPPH radical) among the different F&V peels studied. Fruit peels exhibited high α-glucosidase inhibitory activity. Comparing fruit peels with vegetable peels, it was found that fruit peels had high total phenolic content, antioxidant capacity and anti-diabetic potential compared to vegetable peels.

Keywords: polyphenolics, fruit peels, antioxidant, antidiabetic

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7 Dirty Martini vs Martini: The Contrasting Duality Between Big Bang and BTS Public Image and Their Latest MVs Analysis

Authors: Patricia Portugal Marques de Carvalho Lourenco


Big Bang is like a dirty martini embroiled in a stew of personal individual scandals that have rocked the group’s image and perception, from G-Dragon’s and T.O.P. marijuana episodes in 2011 and 2016, respectively, to Daesung’s building illicit entertainment activities in 2018to the Burning Sun shebang that led to the Titanic sink of Big Bang’s youngest member Seungri in 2019 and the positive sentiment migration to the antithetical side. BTS, on the other hand, are like a martini, clear, clean, attracting as many crowds to their performances and online content as the Pope attracts believers to Sunday Mass in the Vatican, as exemplified by their latest MVs. Big Bang’s 2022 Still Life achieved 16.4 million views on Youtube in 24hours, whilst BTS Permission to Dance achieved 68.5 million in the same period of time. The difference is significant when added Big Bang’s and BTS overall award wins, a total of 117 in contrast to 460. Both groups are uniquely talented and exceptional performers that have been contributing greatly to the dissemination of Korean Pop Music on a global scale in their own inimitable ways. Both are exceptional in their own right and while the artists cannot, ought not, should not be compared for the grave injustice made in comparing one individual planet with one solar system, a contrast is merited and hence done. The reality, nonetheless, is about disengagement from a group that lives life humanly, learning and evolving with each challenge and mistake without a clean, perfect tag attached to it, demonstrating not only an inability to disassociate the person from the artist and the music but also an inability to understand the difference between a private and public life.

Keywords: K-Pop, big bang, BTS, music, public image, entertainment, korean entertainment

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6 Construction Noise Control: Hong Kong Reviews International Best Practices

Authors: Morgan Cheng, Wilson Ho, Max Yiu, Dragon Tsui, Wylog Wong, Richard Kwan, K. C. Lam, Hannah Lo, C. L. Wong


Hong Kong has been known worldwide for its ability to thrive under trying circumstances. The 7.5 million residents of this mature and busy metropolis are living in a primarily high-rise city whereby development and renewal of the cityscape are taking place unceasingly. Hong Kong residents are therefore affected by the virtually continuous and numerous construction activities. In 2020, the Hong Kong environmental protection department (EPD) completed a feasibility study on managing construction noise, including those associated with the renovation of domestic premises. Part of the study was the review of management and control of construction noise in other metropolitan cities globally. As far as the authors are aware of, such worldwide and extensive review of best practices on construction noise control has not been conducted for over 20 years. In order to benefit from international best practices, the extensive review is to identify possible areas for improvement in Hong Kong. The consultant of the study first referred to the United Nations Report ‘The World’s Cities in 2016’ and examined the top 100 cities therein. The 20 most suitable cities were then chosen for further review. Upon screening of each of these 20 cities, 12 cities with the more relevant management practices were selected for further scrutiny. These 12 cities were: Asia – Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Guangzhou, Singapore; Europe – City of Westminster (London), Berlin; North America – Toronto, New York City, San Francisco; Oceania – Sydney, Melbourne. Afterwards, three cities, namely Sydney, City of Westminster, and New York City, were selected for in-depth review. These cities were chosen primarily because of the maturity, success, and effectiveness of their construction noise management and control measures, as well as their similarity to Hong Kong in key and selected aspects. One of the more important findings of the review is the usefulness of early focus, with the aim of designing the noise issues away wherever practicable. The consultant examined the similar yet different construction noise early focus mechanisms of the three cities. This paper describes this landmark worldwide and extensive review of international best practices on construction noise management and control. The methodology, approach, and key findings are presented to give readers a succinct yet comprehensive view. The authors shared the findings with the acoustics professionals worldwide with the hope of global advancement of more mature construction noise management while welcoming sustainable development and construction.

Keywords: construction noise, international best practices, noise control, noise management

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5 Multi-Scale Spatial Difference Analysis Based on Nighttime Lighting Data

Authors: Qinke Sun, Liang Zhou


The ‘Dragon-Elephant Debate’ between China and India is an important manifestation of global multipolarity in the 21st century. The two rising powers have carried out economic reforms one after another in the interval of more than ten years, becoming the fastest growing developing country and emerging economy in the world. At the same time, the development differences between China and India have gradually attracted wide attention of scholars. Based on the continuous annual night light data (DMSP-OLS) from 1992 to 2012, this paper systematically compares and analyses the regional development differences between China and India by Gini coefficient, coefficient of variation, comprehensive night light index (CNLI) and hot spot analysis. The results show that: (1) China's overall expansion from 1992 to 2012 is 1.84 times that of India, in which China's change is 2.6 times and India's change is 2 times. The percentage of lights in unlighted areas in China dropped from 92% to 82%, while that in India from 71% to 50%. (2) China's new growth-oriented cities appear in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Ordos, and Urumqi in the west, and the declining cities are concentrated in Liaoning Province and Jilin Province in the northeast; India's new growth-oriented cities are concentrated in Chhattisgarh in the north, while the declining areas are distributed in Uttar Pradesh. (3) China's differences on different scales are lower than India's, and regional inequality of development is gradually narrowing. Gini coefficients at the regional and provincial levels have decreased from 0.29, 0.44 to 0.24 and 0.38, respectively, while regional inequality in India has slowly improved and regional differences are gradually widening, with Gini coefficients rising from 0.28 to 0.32. The provincial Gini coefficient decreased slightly from 0.64 to 0.63. (4) The spatial pattern of China's regional development is mainly east-west difference, which shows the difference between coastal and inland areas; while the spatial pattern of India's regional development is mainly north-south difference, but because the southern states are sea-dependent, it also reflects the coastal inland difference to a certain extent. (5) Beijing and Shanghai present a multi-core outward expansion model, with an average annual CNLI higher than 0.01, while New Delhi and Mumbai present the main core enhancement expansion model, with an average annual CNLI lower than 0.01, of which the average annual CNLI in Shanghai is about five times that in Mumbai.

Keywords: spatial pattern, spatial difference, DMSP-OLS, China, India

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4 Multi-Criteria Selection and Improvement of Effective Design for Generating Power from Sea Waves

Authors: Khaled M. Khader, Mamdouh I. Elimy, Omayma A. Nada


Sustainable development is the nominal goal of most countries at present. In general, fossil fuels are the development mainstay of most world countries. Regrettably, the fossil fuel consumption rate is very high, and the world is facing the problem of conventional fuels depletion soon. In addition, there are many problems of environmental pollution resulting from the emission of harmful gases and vapors during fuel burning. Thus, clean, renewable energy became the main concern of most countries for filling the gap between available energy resources and their growing needs. There are many renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and wave energy. Energy can be obtained from the motion of sea waves almost all the time. However, power generation from solar or wind energy is highly restricted to sunny periods or the availability of suitable wind speeds. Moreover, energy produced from sea wave motion is one of the cheapest types of clean energy. In addition, renewable energy usage of sea waves guarantees safe environmental conditions. Cheap electricity can be generated from wave energy using different systems such as oscillating bodies' system, pendulum gate system, ocean wave dragon system and oscillating water column device. In this paper, a multi-criteria model has been developed using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to support the decision of selecting the most effective system for generating power from sea waves. This paper provides a widespread overview of the different design alternatives for sea wave energy converter systems. The considered design alternatives have been evaluated using the developed AHP model. The multi-criteria assessment reveals that the off-shore Oscillating Water Column (OWC) system is the most appropriate system for generating power from sea waves. The OWC system consists of a suitable hollow chamber at the shore which is completely closed except at its base which has an open area for gathering moving sea waves. Sea wave's motion pushes the air up and down passing through a suitable well turbine for generating power. Improving the power generation capability of the OWC system is one of the main objectives of this research. After investigating the effect of some design modifications, it has been concluded that selecting the appropriate settings of some effective design parameters such as the number of layers of Wells turbine fans and the intermediate distance between the fans can result in significant improvements. Moreover, simple dynamic analysis of the Wells turbine is introduced. Furthermore, this paper strives for comparing the theoretical and experimental results of the built experimental prototype.

Keywords: renewable energy, oscillating water column, multi-criteria selection, Wells turbine

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3 The Subtle Influence of Hindu Doctrines on Film Industry: A Case Study of Movie Avatar

Authors: Cemil Kutlutürk


Hindu culture and religious doctrines such as caste, reincarnation, yoga, nirvana have always proved a popular theme for the film industry. The analyzing of these motifs in the movies with a scientific approach enables to individuals either to comprehend the messages and deep meanings of films or to understand others’ religious beliefs systems and daily lives in a properly way. The primary aim of this study is to handle the subtle influence of Hindu doctrines on cinema industry by focusing on James Cameron’s film, Avatar and its relationship with Hindu concept of avatara by referring to original Hindu sacred texts where this doctrine is basically clarified. The Sanskrit word avatara means to come down or to descend. Although an avatara is commonly considered as an appearance of any deity on earth, the term refers the Vishnu’s descending on earth. When the movie avatar and avatara doctrine are compared, various similarities have noteworthy revealed. Firstly in the movie, Jake is chosen by Eywa to protect Pandora from evils. Similarly in the movie, avatar is born when there is a rise of jealousy and unrighteousness. The same concept is found in avatara doctrine. According to this belief whenever righteousness (dharma) wanes and unrighteousness (adharma) increases God incarnates himself as an avatara. In Hindu tradition, the ten avataras of Vishnu are the most popular. This standard list of ten avataras includes the Fish, the Tortoise, the Boar, the Man-Lion (Narasimha), the Dwarf, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, the Buddha and Kalki. In the movie the avatar has tail, eyes, nose, ear which is similar to Narasimha (half man-half lion) avatara. On the other hand use of bow and arrow by Navis in the film, evokes us Rama avatara whose basic gun is same. Navis fly on a dragon like bird called Ikra and ride a horse-like quadruped animal. The vehicle for transformation of the avatar in the movie is also resemblance with the idea of Garuda, the great mythical bird, which is used by Vishnu in Hindu mythology. In addition, the last avatara, Kalki, will be seen on a white horse according to Puranas. The basic difference is that for Hinduism avatara means descent of a God, yet in the movie, a human being named Jake Sully, is manifested as humanoid of another planet, this is called as avatar. While in the movie the avatar manifests himself in another planet, Pandora, in Hinduism avataras descent on this world. On the other hand, in Hindu scriptures, there are many avataras and they are categorized according to their functions and attributes. These sides of avatara doctrine cannot be also seen clearly in the film. Even though there are some differences between each other, the main hypothesis of this study is that the general character of the movie is similar to avatara doctrine. In the movie instead of emphasizing on a specific avatara, qualities of different Vishnu avataras have been properly used.

Keywords: film industry, Hinduism, incarnation, James Cameron, movie avatar

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2 A Second Chance to Live and Move: Lumbosacral Spinal Cord Ischemia-Infarction after Cardiac Arrest and the Artery of Adamkiewicz

Authors: Anna Demian, Levi Howard, L. Ng, Leslie Simon, Mark Dragon, A. Desai, Timothy Devlantes, W. David Freeman


Introduction: Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) can carry a high mortality. For survivors, the most common complication is hypoxic-ischemic brain injury (HIBI). Rarely, lumbosacral spinal cord and/or other spinal cord artery ischemia can occur due to anatomic variation and variable mean arterial pressure after the return of spontaneous circulation. We present a case of an OHCA survivor who later woke up with bilateral leg weakness with preserved sensation (ASIA grade B, L2 level). Methods: We describe a clinical, radiographic, and laboratory presentation, as well as a National Library of Medicine (NLM) search engine methodology, characterizing incidence/prevalence of this entity is discussed. A 70-year-old male, a longtime smoker, and alcohol user, suddenly collapsed at a bar surrounded by friends. He had complained of chest pain before collapsing. 911 was called. EMS arrived, and the patient was in pulseless electrical activity (PEA), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was initiated, and the patient was intubated, and a LUCAS device was applied for continuous, high-quality CPR in the field by EMS. In the ED, central lines were placed, and thrombolysis was administered for a suspected Pulmonary Embolism (PE). It was a prolonged code that lasted 90 minutes. The code continued with the eventual return of spontaneous circulation. The patient was placed on an epinephrine and norepinephrine drip to maintain blood pressure. ECHO was performed and showed a “D-shaped” ventricle worrisome for PE as well as an ejection fraction around 30%. A CT with PE protocol was performed and confirmed bilateral PE. Results: The patient woke up 24 hours later, following commands, and was extubated. He was found paraplegic below L2 with preserved sensation, with hypotonia and areflexia consistent with “spinal shock” or anterior spinal cord syndrome. MRI thoracic and lumbar spine showed a conus medullaris level spinal cord infarction. The patient was given IV steroids upon initial discovery of cord infarct. NLM search using “cardiac arrest” and “spinal cord infarction” revealed 57 results, with only 8 review articles. Risk factors include age, atherosclerotic disease, and intraaortic balloon pump placement. AoA (Artery of Adamkiewicz) anatomic variation along with existing atherosclerotic factors and low perfusion were also known risk factors. Conclusion: Acute paraplegia from anterior spinal cord infarction of the AoA territory after cardiac arrest is rare. Larger prospective, multicenter trials are needed to examine potential interventions of hypothermia, lumbar drains, which are sometimes used in aortic surgery to reduce ischemia and/or other neuroprotectants.

Keywords: cardiac arrest, spinal cord infarction, artery of Adamkiewicz, paraplegia

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1 Successful Public-Private Partnership Through the Impact of Environmental Education: A Case Study on Transforming Community Confrict into Harmony in the Dongpian Community

Authors: Men An Pan, Ho Hsiung Huang, Jui Chuan Lin, Tsui Hsun Wu, Hsing Yuan Yen


Pingtung County, located in the southernmost region of Taiwan, has the largest number of pig farms in the country. In the past, livestock operators in Dongpian Village discharged their wastewater into the nearby water bodies, causing water pollution in the local rivers and polluting the air with the stench of the pig excrement. These resulted in many complaints from the local residents. In response to a long time fighting back of the community against the livestock farms due to the confrict, the County Government's Environmental Protection Bureau (PTEPB) examined potential wayouts in addition to heavy fines to the perpetrators. Through helping the livestock farms to upgrade their pollution prevention equipment, promoting the reuse of biogas residue and slurry from the pig excrement, and environmental education, the confrict was successfully resolved. The properly treated wastewater from the livestock farms has been freely provided to the neighboring farmlands via pipelines and tankers. Thus, extensive cultivation of bananas, papaya, red dragon fruit, Inca nut, and cocoa has resulted in 34% resource utilization of biogas residue as a fertilizer. This has encouraged farmers to reduce chemical fertilizers and use microbial materials like photosynthetic bacteria after banning herbicides while lowering the cost of wastewater treatment in livestock farms and alleviating environmental pollution simultaneously. That is, the livestock farms fully demonstrate the determination to fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Due to the success, Eight farms jointly established a social enterprise - "Dongpian Gemstone Village Co., Ltd." to promote organic farming through a "shared farm." The company appropriates 5% of its total revenue back to the community through caregiving services for the elderly and a fund for young local farmers. The community adopted the Satoyama Initiative in accordance with the Conference of the CBD COP10. Through the positive impact of environmental education, the community seeks to realize the coexistence between society and nature while maintaining and developing socio-economic activities (including agriculture) with respect for nature and building a harmonic relationship between humans and nature. By way of sustainable management of resources and ensuring biodiversity, the community is transforming into a socio-ecological production landscape. Apart from nature conservation and watercourse ecology, preserving local culture is also a key focus of the environmental education. To mitigate the impact of global warming and climate change, the community and the government have worked together to develop a disaster prevention and relief system, strive to establish a low-carbon emitting homeland, and become a model for resilient communities. By the power of environmental education, this community has turned its residents’ hearts and minds into concrete action, fulfilled social responsibility, and moved towards realizing the UN SDGs. Even though it is not the only community to integrate government agencies, research institutions, and NGOs for environmental education, it is a prime example of a low-carbon sustainable community that achieves more than 9 SDGs, including responsible consumption and production, climate change action, and diverse partnerships. The community is also leveraging environmental education to become a net-zero carbon community targeted by COP26.

Keywords: environmental education, biogas residue, biogas slurry, CSR, SDGs, climate change, net-zero carbon emissions

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