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17 Operative Tips of Strattice Based Breast Reconstruction

Authors: Cho Ee Ng, Hazem Khout, Tarannum Fasih


Acellular dermal matrices are increasingly used to reinforce the lower pole of the breast during implant breast reconstruction. There is no standard technique described in literature for the use of this product. In this article, we share our operative method of fixation.

Keywords: strattice, acellular dermal matric, breast reconstruction, implant

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16 Proposed Pattern for Fitted Men's Suit Jacket Using the Method of Draping on the Mannequin

Authors: Hazem A. Abdelfattah, Salia H. Khafaji


Apparel industry needs to direct scientific researches to develop it , and because of the importance of a men’s suit jacket industry, the study of the basics of men’s jacket pattern making requires a high degree of accuracy and efficiency which contain a lot of technical and skill aspects to give the jacket a drape, comfort and good fitting , prompting researchers to think about the use of men’s mannequin with sizes (M-L-XL) to devise a method to draft a paper pattern for the men's suit jacket to use it in the industry easily and quickly and achieve the required good fitting.

Keywords: draping, pattern, men, jacket

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15 Design of Distribution Network for Gas Cylinders in Jordan

Authors: Hazem J. Smadi


Performance of a supply chain is directly related to a distribution network that entails the location of storing materials or products and how products are delivered to the end customer through different stages in the supply chain. This study analyses the current distribution network used for delivering gas cylinders to end customer in Jordan. Evaluation of current distribution has been conducted across customer service components. A modification on the current distribution network in terms of central warehousing in each city in the country improves the response time and customer experience. 

Keywords: distribution network, gas cylinder, Jordan, supply chain

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14 The Normal-Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Distribution: Properties and Applications

Authors: Hazem M. Al-Mofleh


In this paper, a new four-parameter univariate continuous distribution called the Normal-Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Distribution (NGHS) is defined and studied. Some general and structural distributional properties are investigated and discussed, including: central and non-central n-th moments and incomplete moments, quantile and generating functions, hazard function, Rényi and Shannon entropies, shapes: skewed right, skewed left, and symmetric, modality regions: unimodal and bimodal, maximum likelihood (MLE) estimators for the parameters. Finally, two real data sets are used to demonstrate empirically its flexibility and prove the strength of the new distribution.

Keywords: bimodality, estimation, hazard function, moments, Shannon’s entropy

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13 Robust Variogram Fitting Using Non-Linear Rank-Based Estimators

Authors: Hazem M. Al-Mofleh, John E. Daniels, Joseph W. McKean


In this paper numerous robust fitting procedures are considered in estimating spatial variograms. In spatial statistics, the conventional variogram fitting procedure (non-linear weighted least squares) suffers from the same outlier problem that has plagued this method from its inception. Even a 3-parameter model, like the variogram, can be adversely affected by a single outlier. This paper uses the Hogg-Type adaptive procedures to select an optimal score function for a rank-based estimator for these non-linear models. Numeric examples and simulation studies will demonstrate the robustness, utility, efficiency, and validity of these estimates.

Keywords: asymptotic relative efficiency, non-linear rank-based, rank estimates, variogram

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12 Detection of Intentional Attacks in Images Based on Watermarking

Authors: Hazem Munawer Al-Otum


In this work, an efficient watermarking technique is proposed and can be used for detecting intentional attacks in RGB color images. The proposed technique can be implemented for image authentication and exhibits high robustness against unintentional common image processing attacks. It deploys two measures to discern between intentional and unintentional attacks based on using a quantization-based technique in a modified 2D multi-pyramidal DWT transform. Simulations have shown high accuracy in detecting intentionally attacked regions while exhibiting high robustness under moderate to severe common image processing attacks.

Keywords: image authentication, copyright protection, semi-fragile watermarking, tamper detection

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11 Sustainable Traditional Urban Design of the Old City of Ghadames

Authors: Hazem Bunkheila


Ghadames is an oasis on the edge of the Sahara Desert in southwestern Libya at the border with Algeria and Tunisia. It is the oldest oasis in the world that provides a fascinating example of traditional urban in the desert environment. The urban of the small city is considered a genuine adaptation to the harsh desert climate. The historic city of Ghadames remained unaffected by the rapid after oil changes. That makes it a good field to study sustainable, vernacular, earth architecture and urban design. The aim of this paper is to investigate the urban structure, concept, and fabric of the old oasis. The research also surveys the environmental considerations in the city that shades the sustainable features in this traditional residential area. In addition, the paper addresses the modern applications in the new city of Ghadams and sides of success and failure compared to the traditional urban fabric.

Keywords: dessert climate design, Ghadames, sustainable urban design, traditional urban design

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10 Variogram Fitting Based on the Wilcoxon Norm

Authors: Hazem Al-Mofleh, John Daniels, Joseph McKean


Within geostatistics research, effective estimation of the variogram points has been examined, particularly in developing robust alternatives. The parametric fit of these variogram points which eventually defines the kriging weights, however, has not received the same attention from a robust perspective. This paper proposes the use of the non-linear Wilcoxon norm over weighted non-linear least squares as a robust variogram fitting alternative. First, we introduce the concept of variogram estimation and fitting. Then, as an alternative to non-linear weighted least squares, we discuss the non-linear Wilcoxon estimator. Next, the robustness properties of the non-linear Wilcoxon are demonstrated using a contaminated spatial data set. Finally, under simulated conditions, increasing levels of contaminated spatial processes have their variograms points estimated and fit. In the fitting of these variogram points, both non-linear Weighted Least Squares and non-linear Wilcoxon fits are examined for efficiency. At all levels of contamination (including 0%), using a robust estimation and robust fitting procedure, the non-weighted Wilcoxon outperforms weighted Least Squares.

Keywords: non-linear wilcoxon, robust estimation, variogram estimation, wilcoxon norm

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9 The Role of Urban Design in Creating Cohesive and People’s Public Spaces

Authors: Hazem Abuorf


From the perspective of viewing urban design as the architecture of public spaces, the latter has many advantages; for example, in achieving attractive and vibrant public spaces, ensuring safety and amenity, supporting a strong sense of place and local character. Besides all advantages, such spaces nevertheless trigger numerous dilemmas, how to design urban spaces preserving the quality of life in the long term while equally achieving cohesion between new urban developments and the already existing urban structure without causing a split in history through the cause of functional and aesthetic degradation. Analysis of this article seeks to propose a methodology deemed essential for assessing and stimulating design criteria of the public spaces when rehabilitating urban sites. The method’s utility is shown by analyzing rehabilitation projects in Gaza Strip, whose design of the public spaces has mainly focused on the physical aspect ignoring the place’s local identity, users’ needs, and history. The proposed methodology serves as a guide for municipal authorities and technical teams to deal with interventions that would rework the role of urban design towards making sense of place.

Keywords: urban design, public realm, rehabilitation projects, quality of life

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8 Potential Roles of Motivation and Teaching Strategies in Communicative Competencies among Palestinian University Students

Authors: Hazem Hasan Hushayish


Motivation and teaching strategies are commonly believed to improve students’ communicative competence in English as a foreign language; still, there is not much empirical evidence to support this claim. The present study is intended to focus on the effects of motivational factors and teaching strategies on the communicative competence among the Palestinian undergraduates. In the first phase, one hundred and eighty participants, who are studying English language in three Palestinian universities, answered a questionnaire. The questionnaire included items derived from Gardner’s 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007 Attitude/Motivation Test Battery AMTB and items from Dörnyei 2007 and Guilloteaux and Dörnyei 2008 teaching strategies framework for foreign language classrooms. In the second phase, 6 participants, from the same universities, were interviewed. The quantitative results indicated that participants’ communicative competence is significantly affected by motivation and teaching strategies. Also, the qualitative results indicated that teaching strategies do not directly affect students’ communicative competence, but rather affect their motivation. Consequently, the current study will add substantively to the literature concerning the effects of motivation and teaching strategies in communicative competencies among EFL learners in the Palestinian context, and some suggested procedures and suggestions that help improve learners’ communicative competences.

Keywords: communicative competence, motivation, teaching strategies, Palestinian undergraduates

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7 A Cloud-Based Spectrum Database Approach for Licensed Shared Spectrum Access

Authors: Hazem Abd El Megeed, Mohamed El-Refaay, Norhan Magdi Osman


Spectrum scarcity is a challenging obstacle in wireless communications systems. It hinders the introduction of innovative wireless services and technologies that require larger bandwidth comparing to legacy technologies. In addition, the current worldwide allocation of radio spectrum bands is already congested and can not afford additional squeezing or optimization to accommodate new wireless technologies. This challenge is a result of accumulative contributions from different factors that will be discussed later in this paper. One of these factors is the radio spectrum allocation policy governed by national regulatory authorities nowadays. The framework for this policy allocates specified portion of radio spectrum to a particular wireless service provider on exclusive utilization basis. This allocation is executed according to technical specification determined by the standard bodies of each Radio Access Technology (RAT). Dynamic access of spectrum is a framework for flexible utilization of radio spectrum resources. In this framework there is no exclusive allocation of radio spectrum and even the public safety agencies can share their spectrum bands according to a governing policy and service level agreements. In this paper, we explore different methods for accessing the spectrum dynamically and its associated implementation challenges.

Keywords: licensed shared access, cognitive radio, spectrum sharing, spectrum congestion, dynamic spectrum access, spectrum database, spectrum trading, reconfigurable radio systems, opportunistic spectrum allocation (OSA)

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6 Origamic Forms: A New Realm in Improving Acoustical Environment

Authors: Mostafa Refat Ismail, Hazem Eldaly


The adaptation of architecture design to building function is getting highly needed in contemporary designs, especially with the great progression in design methods and tools. This, in turn, requires great flexibility in design strategies, as well as a wider spectrum of space settings to achieve the required environment that special activities imply. Acoustics is an essential factor influencing cognitive acts and behavior as well as, on the extreme end, the physical well-being inside a space. The complexity of this constrain is fueled up by the extended geometric dimensions of multipurpose halls, making acoustic adequateness a great concern that could not easily be achieved for each purpose. To achieve a performance oriented acoustic environment, various parametric shaped false ceilings based on origami folded notion are simulated. These parametric origami shapes are able to fold and unfold forming an interactive structure that changes the mutual acoustic environment according to the geometric shapes' position and its changing exposed surface areas. The mobility of the facets in the origami surface can stretch up the range from a complete plain surface to an unfolded element where a considerable amount of absorption is added to the space. The behavior of the parametric origami shapes are being modeled employing a ray tracing computer simulation package for various shapes topology. The conclusion shows a great variation in the acoustical performance due to the variation in folding faces of the origami surfaces, which cause different reflections and consequently large variations in decay curves.

Keywords: parametric, origami, acoustics, architecture

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5 A Framework for Secure Information Flow Analysis in Web Applications

Authors: Ralph Adaimy, Wassim El-Hajj, Ghassen Ben Brahim, Hazem Hajj, Haidar Safa


Huge amounts of data and personal information are being sent to and retrieved from web applications on daily basis. Every application has its own confidentiality and integrity policies. Violating these policies can have broad negative impact on the involved company’s financial status, while enforcing them is very hard even for the developers with good security background. In this paper, we propose a framework that enforces security-by-construction in web applications. Minimal developer effort is required, in a sense that the developer only needs to annotate database attributes by a security class. The web application code is then converted into an intermediary representation, called Extended Program Dependence Graph (EPDG). Using the EPDG, the provided annotations are propagated to the application code and run against generic security enforcement rules that were carefully designed to detect insecure information flows as early as they occur. As a result, any violation in the data’s confidentiality or integrity policies is reported. As a proof of concept, two PHP web applications, Hotel Reservation and Auction, were used for testing and validation. The proposed system was able to catch all the existing insecure information flows at their source. Moreover and to highlight the simplicity of the suggested approaches vs. existing approaches, two professional web developers assessed the annotation tasks needed in the presented case studies and provided a very positive feedback on the simplicity of the annotation task.

Keywords: web applications security, secure information flow, program dependence graph, database annotation

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4 The Predictive Value of Micro Rna 451 on the Outcome of Imatinib Treatment in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Authors: Nehal Adel Khalil, Amel Foad Ketat, Fairouz Elsayed Mohamed Ali, Nahla Abdelmoneim Hamid, Hazem Farag Manaa


Background: Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) represents 15% of adult leukemias. Imatinib Mesylate (IM) is the gold standard treatment for new cases of CML. Treatment with IM results in improvement of the majority of cases. However, about 25% of cases may develop resistance. Sensitive and specific early predictors of IM resistance in CML patients have not been established to date. Aim: To investigate the value of miR-451 in CML as an early predictor for IM resistance in Egyptian CML patients. Methods: The study employed Real time Polymerase Reaction (qPCR) technique to investigate the leucocytic expression of miR-451 in fifteen newly diagnosed CML patients (group I), fifteen IM responder CML patients (group II), fifteen IM resistant CML patients (group III) and fifteen healthy subjects of matched age and sex as a control group (group IV). The response to IM was defined as < 10% BCR-ABL transcript level after 3 months of therapy. The following parameters were assessed in subjects of all the studied groups: 1- Complete blood count (CBC). 2- Measurement of plasma level of miRNA 451 using real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR). 3- Detection of BCR-ABL gene mutation in CML using qPCR. Results: The present study revealed that miR-451 was significantly down-regulated in leucocytes of newly diagnosed CML patients as compared to healthy subjects. IM responder CML patients showed an up-regulation of miR- 451 compared with IM resistant CML patients. Conclusion: According to the data from the present study, it can be concluded that leucocytic miR- 451 expression is a useful additional follow-up marker for the response to IM and a promising prognostic biomarker for CML.

Keywords: chronic myeloid leukemia, imatinib resistance, microRNA 451, Polymerase Chain Reaction

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3 The Development of Solar Cells to Maximize the Utilization of Solar Energy in Al-Baha Area

Authors: Mohammed Ahmed Alghamdi, Hazem Mahmoud Ali Darwish, Mostafa Mohamed Abdelraheem


Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) possess low resistivity, exhibit good adherence to many substrates, and have good transmission characteristics from the visible to near-infrared wavelengths, which make it useful for various applications. Thin films of transparent conducting oxide (TCO’s) have received much attention because of their wide applications in the field of optoelectronic devices. Advancement of transparent conducting oxides TCO’s may not only lie within the improvement of existing materials in use, but also the development of novel materials. Solar cells are devices, which convert solar energy into electricity, either directly via the photovoltaic effect, or indirectly by first converting the solar energy to heat or chemical energy. Solar power has attracted attention of late as the most advanced of the alternative energy resources. The project aims to access the solar energy in Al-Baha region by search for materials (transparent-conductive oxides (TCO's)) to use in solar cells with highly transparent to the solar spectrum, have low electrical resistivity, be stable under H-plasma, and have a suitable structure in particular for a-Si solar cells. As the PV surface is exposed to the sunlight, the module temperature increases. High ambient temperatures along with long sunlight exposure time increases the temperature impact on PV cells efficiency. Since Al-Baha area is characterized by an atmosphere and pressure different from their counterparts in Saudi Arabia due to the height above sea level, hence it is appropriate to do studies to improve the efficiency of solar cells under these conditions. In this work, some ion change materials will be deposited using either sputtering/ or electron beam evaporation techniques. The optical properties of the synthesized materials will be studied in details for solar cell application. As we will study the effect of some dyes on the optical properties of the prepared films. The efficiency and other parameters of solar cell will be determined.

Keywords: thin films, solar cell, optical properties, electrical properties

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2 Value of FOXP3 Expression in Prediction of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Effect in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Authors: Badawia Ibrahim, Iman Hussein, Samar El Sheikh, Fatma Abou Elkasem, Hazem Abo Ismael


Background: Response of breast carcinoma to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) varies regarding many factors including hormonal receptor status. Breast cancer is a heterogenous disease with different outcomes, hence a need arises for new markers predicting the outcome of NAC especially for the triple negative group when estrogen, progesterone receptors and Her2/neu are negative. FOXP3 is a promising target with unclear role. Aim: To examine the value of FOXP3 expression in locally advanced triple negative breast cancer tumoral cells as well as tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and to elucidate its relation to the extent of NAC response. Material and Methods: Forty five cases of immunohistochemically confirmed to be triple negative breast carcinoma were evaluated for NAC (Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide AC x 4 cycles + Paclitaxel x 12 weeks, patients with ejection fraction less than 60% received Taxotere or Cyclophosphamide, Methotrexate, Fluorouracil CMF) response in both tumour and lymph nodes status according to Miller & Payne's and Sataloff's systems. FOXP3 expression in tumor as well as TILs evaluated in the pretherapy biopsies was correlated with NAC response in breast tumor and lymph nodes as well as other clinicopathological factors. Results: Breast tumour cells showed FOXP3 positive cytoplasmic expression in (42%) of cases. High FOXP3 expression percentage was detected in (47%) of cases. High infiltration by FOXP3+TILs was detected in (49%) of cases. Positive FOXP3 expression was associated with negative lymph node metastasis. High FOXP3 expression percentage and high infiltration by FOXP3+TILs were significantly associated with complete therapy response in axillary lymph nodes. High FOXP3 expression in tumour cells was associated with high infiltration by FOXP3+TILs. Conclusion: This result may provide evidence that FOXP3 marker is a good prognostic and predictive marker for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) indicated for neoadjuvant chemotherapy and can be used for stratifications of TNBC cases indicated for NAC. As well, this study confirmed the fact that the tumour cells and the surrounding microenvironment interact with each other and the tumour microenvironment can influence the treatment outcomes of TNBC.

Keywords: breast cancer, FOXP3 expression, prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy effect, triple negative

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1 The Effect of SIAH1 on PINK1 Homeostasis in Parkinson Disease

Authors: Fatimah Abd Elghani, Raymonde Szargel, Vered Shani, Hazem Safory, Haya Hamza, Mor Savyon, Ruth Rott, Rina Bandopadhyay, Simone Engelender


Background: PINK1 is a mitochondrial kinase mutated in some familial cases of Parkinson’s disease. Down regulation of PINK1 results in abnormal mitochondrial morphology and altered membrane potential. Although PINK1 has a predicted mitochondrial import sequence, it’s cellular, and submitochondrial localization remains unclear, in part because it is rapidly degraded. In this work, we investigated the mechanisms involved in PINK1 degradation and how this may affect PINK1 stability and function, with implications for mitochondrial function in PD. In addition, pharmacological inhibition of proteasome activity was shown to lead to PINK1 accumulation, indicating that PINK1 degradation depends on the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). Methods: Using co-immunoprecipitation assays, we identified E3 ubiquitin ligase SIAH1 as a PINK1-interacting protein in HEK293 cells as well as on rat brain tissues. In addition, we determined the effect of SIAH 1, SIAH2 and Parkin on PINK1 steady-state levels by Western blot analysis, and checked their possibility to ubiquitinate and mediate PINK1 degradation through the proteasome carried out in vivo ubiquitination experiments. Results: We have obtained results showing that SIAH-1 interacts with and ubiquitinates PINK1. The ubiquitination promoted by SIAH-1 leads to the proteasomal degradation of PINK1. We confirmed these findings by knocking down SIAH-1 and observing important accumulation of PINK1 in cells. Besides, we found that SIAH-1 decreases PINK1 steady-state levels but not the E3 ligase Parkin. We also investigated the interaction of SIAH-1 with PINK1 disease mutants and its ability to promote their ubiquitination and degradation. Although, no clear difference in the ability of SIAH-1 to promote the degradation of PINK1 disease mutants was observed. It is possible that dysfunction of proteasomal activity in the disease may lead to the accumulation and aggregation of ubiquitinated PINK1 in patients with PINK1 mutations, with possible implications to the pathogenesis of PD. Conclusions: Here, we demonstrated that SIAH-1 ubiquitinates and promotes the degradation of PINK1. In addition, SIAH-1 represents now a target that may help the improvement of mitophagy in PD. Further investigations needed to understand how mitophagy is regulated by PINK1-SIAH-1 axis to provide targets for future therapeutics.

Keywords: PD, Parkinson's disease, PINK1, PTEN-induced kinase1, SIAH, seven in absentia homolog, SN, substantia nigra

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