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2 An Investigation of Thai Passengers’ Level of Understanding and Awareness: Cabin Crew Safety Briefing

Authors: Chantarat Manvichien, Kevin Wongleedee


The purpose of this research was to study Thai passengers’ level of understanding and awareness of the cabin crew safety briefing in the airplane during the preparation to take off and landing. It is important to know if Thai passengers pay attention to cabin crew safety briefing and to suggest a better way to draw their attention. The independent variables included gender, age, income, levels of education, travelling purpose, and travelling frequency while the dependent variables was level of awareness. A simple random sampling method was utilized to get 400 respondents. The findings revealed the ranking the first three levels of importance by highest mean to lowest mean as follows: (1) It is important to listen to cabin crew safety briefing; (2) Cabin crew briefing is interesting; (3) Information from cabin crew safety briefing is easy to understand. In addition, the overall means was 3.27 with 0.800 SD.

Keywords: cabin crew, safety briefing, Thai passengers, awareness

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1 Flight Safety Hazard: An Investigation into Bird Strike Prevention in the Vicinity of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

Authors: Chantarat Manvichien


The purpose of this research paper was aimed to examine the bird strike prevention in the vicinity of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand. A bird strike event occurs when a bird or a flock of birds collide with an operating airplane and results in flight interruption. This is the reason why International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a part of the United Nations, has an assumption that birds, including other wildlife, are a serious hazard to aircraft and attempts should be accomplished to overcome this hazard. ICAO requires all airports worldwide to set up proactive countermeasures in order to reduce the risk from bird strike and wildlife hazard. In Thailand, the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited which manages Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as Bangkok International Airport, responds to the requirements and spends a lot of effort to ensure this hazard is manageable. An intensive study on the countermeasures to prevent aircraft accident from bird strike and other wildlife have been continuously executed since the early construction of the Airport until nowadays.

Keywords: bird strike, flight safety, wildlife hazard, Suvarnabhumi airport

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