Commenced in January 2007
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Reliability-Based Design Related Abstracts

1 Probabilistic Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Infinite Slopes

Authors: Shadi Najjar, Assile Abou Diab


Fiber-reinforcement is an effective soil improvement technique for applications involving the prevention of shallow failures on the slope face and the repair of existing slope failures. A typical application is the stabilization of cohesionless infinite slopes. The objective of this paper is to present a probabilistic, reliability-based methodology (based on Monte Carlo simulations) for the design of a practical fiber-reinforced cohesionless infinite slope, taking into consideration the impact of various sources of uncertainty. Recommendations are made regarding the required factors of safety that need to be used to achieve a given target reliability level. These factors of safety could differ from the traditional deterministic factor of safety.

Keywords: Uncertainty, Fiber Reinforcement, Reliability-Based Design, factor of safety, infinite slope

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