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2 Soil and Environmental Management Awareness as Professional Competency of the Agricultural Extension Officers for Their Plans Implementation

Authors: Muhammad Zafarullah Khan


Agricultural Extension Officers’ (AEOs) competency level in soil and environmental management awareness is important for interacting with farming communities of different types of soil. Questionnaire was developed for all AEOs for data collection to know the present position and needed position of competency on Likert scale from 01-05 by assigning very low (01) and very high (05). Wide gap was found in competency of suitability of various soil types for horticultural and agronomic crops and reclamation of saline soil. We observed that suitability ranking of various soil types for horticultural crops (Diff. = 1.21), agronomic crops (Diff. = 1.20) and soil borne diseases (Diff. = 1.19) were the top three important competencies where training or improvement is needed. To better fill this gap we recommend that professional qualification of AEOs should be enhanced and training opportunities should be provided to them particularly to deal with soil and environmental management awareness. Thus training opportunities may increase their competency and will add highly skilled manpower to the system for sustainable development to protect environment. It is therefore, recommended that AEOs may be provided pre and in service trainings of soil environmental management in order to equip them with a capacity to work with farming community effectively to boost the living standard of farming community and alleviate poverty for environmental protection.

Keywords: professional competency, agricultural extension officers, soil and environmental management awareness, plans implementation

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1 Assessment of the Professional Competencies of Agriculture Officers in North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan

Authors: Shahid Ali, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, Khalid Nawab, Sajjad Ahmad, Ikramul Haq, Mubashir Habib, Shakirullah Khan, Javid Ullah


Professionally competent Agriculture Officers (AOs) can play an important role in the development of agriculture in the country. This study was conducted in North West Frontier Province (NWFP) (Pakistan) to assess professional competencies of Agriculture Officers (AOs) in January 2007. Data were collected from all (112) AOs through a mailed questionnaire. The study examines existing level of professional competencies of AOs and the required level of possessed competencies needed by them for their job performance in the areas of participatory extension methodologies. Both the possessed and required levels of competencies were scaled from 1-5 on Liker scale, 1 being very low and 5 being very high. . The study revealed a numerical difference between possessed and required levels regarding the professional competencies of the participatory extension methodology. It was also observed that higher levels of job experience increase the professional competencies in participatory extension methodology. It is recommended that periodic training and refresher courses are arranged for AOs so that their learning may become more practicable to diffuse agricultural innovations among members of participatory learning groups and convey modern technologies to the end users.

Keywords: professional competency, agriculture officers, assessment and participatory extension methodology, participatory extension

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