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3 Procedure for Recommendation of Archival Documents

Authors: Jesse D. Cano, Marlon J. Remedios, Maria T. Morell


Diffusion and accessibility of historical collections is one of the main objectives of the institutions that aim to safeguard archival documents (General Archives). Several countries have Web applications that try to make accessible and public the large number of documents that they guard. Each of these sites has a set of features in order to facilitate access, navigability, and search for information. Different sources of information include Recommender Systems as a way of customizing content. This paper aims at describing a process for the production of archival documents relevant to the user. To comply with this, the characteristics ruling archival description, elements and main techniques that establishes the design of Recommender Systems, a set of rules to follow, and how these rules operate and the way in which take advantage of the domain knowledge are discussed. Finally, relevant issues are discussed in the design of the proposed tests and the results obtained are shown.

Keywords: Information Management, Recommender System, archival document, procedure

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2 Evaluation of Complications after Colostomy Procedure and Related Factors in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital since 2012-2014

Authors: Alldila Hendy, Agi Satria


Background: A colostomy procedure is an important part in the management of surgical procedures in some diseases involving the gastrointestinal tract. So it is necessary to find the factors that influence the occurrence of complications. Methods: This is a retrospective cross-sectional analytic study in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital noting medical records of patients after the colostomy from January 2012 to December 2014 at the Division of Digestive Surgery. Results: In 136 cases of post-colostomy, 66 cases have complications, 14 is early-onset, and 52 is late-onset. 70 is without complications. Most complications are dermatitis, which is 31 (22.8%), cases of infection/abscess/fistula and intestinal obstruction are 13 (9.6%) and 5 patients (4.4%). A rare complication is colostomy retraction by 2 patients (1.5%), colostomy prolapse and necrosis/gangrene, which is only 3 patients (2.2%). A colostomy procedure in emergency surgery is riskier than elective surgery for complications after colostomy (p < 0.007, OR 2.85), Based on the operator who performs a colostomy procedure, the consultant had a lower risk of complications than fellow or resident (p < 0.0001). Based on the age factor, where the age of about 50 years has a risk of complications after colostomy (p < 0.018). Conclusion: The timing of operation (emergency or elective), age, and operator who perform a colostomy procedure have a significant relationship with an increased prevalence of complications after colostomy in RSCM.

Keywords: Complications, factors, procedure, colostomy

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1 Procedure to Use Quantitative Bone-Specific SPECT/CT in North Karelia Central Hospital

Authors: L. Korpinen, P. Taskinen, P. Rautio


This study aimed to describe procedures that we developed to use in the quantitative, bone-specific SPECT/CT at our hospital. Our procedures included the following questions for choosing imaging protocols, which were based on a clinical doctor's referral: (1) Is she/he a cancer patient or not? (2) Are there any indications of inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis? We performed about 1,106 skeletal scintigraphies over two years. About 394 patients were studied with quantitative bone-specific single-photon emission computed tomography/computerized tomography (SPECT/CT) (i.e., about 36% of all bone scintigraphies). Approximately 64% of the patients were studied using the conventional Anterior-Posterior/Posterior-Anterior imaging. Our procedure has improved efficiency and decreased cycle times.

Keywords: Imaging, procedure, skeletal scintigraphy, SPECT/CT

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