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2 Private Universities and Socio-Economic Development of Host Communities: The Case of Fountain University, Nigeria

Authors: Ganiyu Rasaq Omokeji


The growing recognition of the pivotal role of universities in promoting socio-economic development has led to a focus upon the expansion of the sector around the world. As the economy and society become more ‘knowledge intensive’, the role of universities in development is more onerous than just teaching, research, and service. It is to help create the open society upon which the progress of ideas depends on. Driven to fulfill this role, universities are likely to become even more important in building regional networks of their host communities. Currently, there are about 129 universities in Nigeria, with a total number of 37 federal, 36 state, and 56 privately owned universities. Fountain University is among the private universities in Nigeria located in Osogbo, Osun State. The university is committed to the total development of men and women in an enabling environment, through appropriate teaching, research, and service to humanity, influenced by Islamic ethics and culture. The university focuses on educational development and growth that are relevant to the nation’s manpower needs and global competitiveness through a gradual but steady process. This paper examines the role of Private University in the socio-economic development of host community using Fountain University as a case study. The research methodology design for this paper has a total of 200 respondents. The research instrument of data collection was a questionnaire and in-depth interview (IDI). The finding reveals that Fountain University plays an important role in socio-economic and cultural development through their Islamic culture. The paper recommend that universities must bridge the gaps between creative individual with innovative ideas and the application of technology for economic progress and social betterment of their host communities. University also must serve as a bridge that carries the traffic of social and economic development.

Keywords: Socio-Economic Development, host communities, private university, role of universities and community development

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1 The Study of the Quality of Dissertation in Humanities and Social Sciences between 2007-2013 in Thai Private Universities

Authors: Thanyasinee Laosum, Sirichai Kanjanawasee, Taweewat Pitayanon


The purpose of this study was to investigate the quality of dissertation in humanities and social sciences in Thai private universities.Seven hundred and fifty dissertations of students graduating between 2007-2013 from 12 private universities were randomly sampled. The 5-point rating scale for the evaluation of the dissertations was developed. The rubric method was used in scoring. The overall content validity of the scale was .92. The individual content validities of the scale were ranged from .71 to 1.00. The concurrent validities were significant at the .01 level with the value from .849 to .959. The inter-rater reliabilities were significant related at the .01 level with the value from .810 to .959. The test-retest method was used to find the reliabilities and significant related at the .01 level with the value from .944 to .966. The descriptive statistics was used in the analysis of the collected data. The study found that, among 750 dissertations, those that were rated as excellent, above average, average standard, below standard, and need to be improved were, 0.1 %, 13.3 %, 74.7 %, 11.7 %, and 0.1 % respectively. It was, therefore, concluded that the overall quality of the dissertations was in accordance with the principle of the research methodology and the quality of the majority of the dissertations is closely related.

Keywords: Reliability, private university, quality of dissertation, quality of dissertation in humanities and social sciences

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