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Personal Development Related Abstracts

2 A Study of the Views of Information Technologies Teachers regarding In-Service Training

Authors: Ismail Sahin, Ismail Celik, Ahmet Oguz Akturk, Halit Arslan


Today, the means of following the developments in the area of science and technology is to keep up with the pace of the advancements in this area. As is in every profession, apart from their personal efforts, the training of teachers in the period after they start their careers is only possible through in-service training. The aim of the present study is to determine the views of Information Technologies (IT) teachers regarding the in-service training courses organized by the Ministry of National Education. In this study, in which quantitative research methods and techniques were employed, the views of 196 IT teachers were collected by using the “Views on In-service Training” questionnaire developed by the authors of the paper. Independent groups t-test was used to determine whether the views of IT teachers regarding in-service training differed depending on gender, age and professional seniority. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to investigate whether the views of IT teachers regarding in-service training differed depending on the number of in-service training courses they joined and the type of in-service training course they wanted to take. According to the findings obtained in the study, the views of IT teachers on in-service training did not show a significant difference depending on gender and age, whereas those views differed depending on professional seniority, the number of in-service training courses they joined and the type of in-service training course they wanted to take.

Keywords: Professional Development, Personal Development, in-service training, IT teachers

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1 Aitys as the Kazakh Traditional Music Genre in the Sense of Cognitive Musicology

Authors: Samal Abzhanova, Indira Makhazhan, Azamat Taigarayev, Perizat Yerlan, Batyrbay Gulbike


Aitys is a competitional performance of two or more poets creating instantly the lyrics of music concerning the social issues accompanied with the traditional instrument dombra. It is an unique music genre, because it is not practical to create music and lyrics spontaneous in anywhere else. This research study tends to approach to this particular music genre Aitys and identify its significance not only in the sense of the Kazakh cultural heritage, but also from the perspective of personal development as the improvisational , oratory, public performance skills within the ability to think critically over the social problems and represent them in convenient to public form. Through conducting this research, this paper aims to reveal the importance and beneficence of aitys in terms of both prevalence of cultural heritage and its function in personal development of the singer. In order to answer to the research question, we conducted a survey and an in-depth interview with the students of Nazarbayev University. In the survey it was asked to answer the general questions about aitys and its importance, whereas in the interview part, we asked their opinion on the importance of aitys in improving the personal skills. The results of findings was more surprising than it was expected. They agreed that the aitys lessons, workshops and concerts have high outcomes in terms improvements of improvisational, oratory, and leadership skills. Students of NU as a representors of young generation have shown a great interest in aitys, and even more interested in the topics/social issues, where the poets have to defend their usually controversial position. To conclude, the research study has focused on the importance of the aitys in personal development of different leadership skills. The given research lead us to think about the aitys as a part of cognitive musicology, where within the learning of music it represents the process of cognition as well.

Keywords: Musicology, Cultural Heritage, Personal Development, kazakh language, aitys

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