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2 Portable Hands-Free Process Assistant for Gas Turbine Maintenance

Authors: Elisabeth Brandenburg, Rainer Stark, Robert Woll


This paper presents how smart glasses and voice commands can be used for improving the maintenance process of industrial gas turbines. It presents the process of inspecting a gas turbine’s combustion chamber and how it is currently performed using a set of paper-based documents. In order to improve this process, a portable hands-free process assistance system has been conceived. In the following, it will be presented how the approach of user-centered design and the method of paper prototyping have been successfully applied in order to design a user interface and a corresponding workflow model that describes the possible interaction patterns between the user and the interface. The presented evaluation of these results suggests that the assistance system could help the user by rendering multiple manual activities obsolete, thus allowing him to work hands-free and to save time for generating protocols.

Keywords: user centered design, paper prototyping, smart glasses, turbine maintenance

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1 GynApp: A Mobile Application for the Organization and Control of Gynecological Studies

Authors: Rocío Abascal-Mena, Betzabet García-Mendoza


Breast and cervical cancer are among the leading causes of death of women in Mexico. The mortality rate for these diseases is alarming, even though there have been many campaigns for making people self-aware of the importance of conducting gynecological studies for a timely prevention and detection, these have not been enough. This paper presents a mobile application for organizing and controlling gynecological studies in order to help and boost women to take care of their bodies and health. The process of analyzing and designing the mobile application is presented, along with all the steps carried out by following a user-centered design methodology.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Women Health, paper prototyping, gynecological mobile application, storyboard

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