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2 Civility in Indonesia: Comparison of Indonesian People's Friendliness with the Past

Authors: Abshari Nabilah Fiqi, Sekar Ayu Dian Kusumaningtyas, Amira Eka Pratiwi


Since a very long time ago, Indonesia are well known for their hospitality. Hospitality has been one of the civility concepts that represented Indonesia’s culture. However, as an Indonesian, we found that nowadays we are starting to lose this particular culture. The influence of modern culture is undeniably strong. As a capital city, Jakarta is one of the most modern cities in Indonesia. We conduct this experimental study to find out whether the people in Jakarta are still willing to maintain their identity as a friendly Indonesian or not by testing their willingness to reply greetings from strangers.

Keywords: Culture, hospitality, City, modern, civility, greetings

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1 Classical Myths in Modern Drama: A Study of the Vision of Jean Anouilh in Antigone

Authors: Azza Taha Zaki


The mainstream of drama in the early twentieth century falls in the realistic tradition with its emphasis on real characters in familiar everyday situations. However, some modern dramatists have fallen on classical myths in ancient Greek tragedies to create a sense of the universality of the human experience. The tragic overtones of classical myths have helped modern dramatists in their attempts to create an enduring piece by evoking the majestic grandeur of the ancient myths and the heroic struggle of man against forces beyond control. Myths have continued to appeal to modern playwrights not only for the plot and narrative material but also for the vision and insight into the human experience and human condition. This paper intends to study how the reworking of Sophocles' Antigone by Jean Anouilh, written in 1942 at the height of the Second World War and during the German occupation of the dramatist’s country, France, fits Anouilh’s own purpose and time. The paper will provide a comparative analysis of the vision and technique in both plays, as they show in characters and themes. The classical myth offers Anouilh a context of tragic ideas and situations that appealed to the imagination of his modern audience under Nazi occupation. Like Sophocles, Anouilh’s Antigone is set to explore the dilemma of man when faced by personal and national conflicts. The paper will also offer a comparative study between Sophocles and Anouilh as the two playwrights present fated characters in the context of the moral concern that characterizes all great drama.

Keywords: drama, modern, myth, antigone, Sophocles, Anouilh, Greek tragedy

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