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3 Movement of the Viscous Elastic Fixed Vertically Located Cylinder in Liquid with the Free Surface Under the Influence of Waves

Authors: T. J. Hasanova, C. N. Imamalieva


The problem about the movement of the rigid cylinder keeping the vertical position under the influence of running superficial waves in a liquid is considered. The indignation of a falling wave caused by the presence of the cylinder which moves is thus considered. Special decomposition on a falling harmonious wave is used. The problem dares an operational method. For a finding of the original decision, Considering that the image denominator represents a tabular function, Voltaire's integrated equation of the first sort which dares a numerical method is used. Cylinder movement in the continuous environment under the influence of waves is considered in work. Problems are solved by an operational method, thus originals of required functions are looked for by the numerical definition of poles of combinations of transcendental functions and calculation of not own integrals. Using specificity of a task below, Decisions are under construction the numerical solution of the integrated equation of Volter of the first sort that does not create computing problems of the complex roots of transcendental functions connected with search.

Keywords: fluctuations, rigid cylinder, linear interpolation, Voltaire's integrated equation, harmonious wave

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2 Overhead Reduction by Channel Estimation Using Linear Interpolation for Single Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization Transmission

Authors: Min-Su Song, Haeng-Bok Kil, Eui-Rim Jeong


This paper proposes a new method to reduce the overhead by pilots for single carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) transmission. In the conventional SC-FDE transmission structure, the overhead by transmitting pilot is heavy because the pilot are transmitted at every SC-FDE block. The proposed SC-FDE structure has fewer pilots and many SC-FCE blocks are transmitted between pilots. The channel estimation and equalization is performed at the pilot period and the channels between pilots are estimated through linear interpolation. This reduces the pilot overhead by reducing the pilot transmission compared with the conventional structure, and enables reliable channel estimation and equalization.

Keywords: Channel Estimation, linear interpolation, pilot overhead, SC-FDE

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1 A Gradient Orientation Based Efficient Linear Interpolation Method

Authors: S. Khan, A. Khan, Abdul R. Soomrani, Raja F. Zafar, A. Waqas, G. Akbar


This paper proposes a low-complexity image interpolation method. Image interpolation is used to convert a low dimension video/image to high dimension video/image. The objective of a good interpolation method is to upscale an image in such a way that it provides better edge preservation at the cost of very low complexity so that real-time processing of video frames can be made possible. However, low complexity methods tend to provide real-time interpolation at the cost of blurring, jagging and other artifacts due to errors in slope calculation. Non-linear methods, on the other hand, provide better edge preservation, but at the cost of high complexity and hence they can be considered very far from having real-time interpolation. The proposed method is a linear method that uses gradient orientation for slope calculation, unlike conventional linear methods that uses the contrast of nearby pixels. Prewitt edge detection is applied to separate uniform regions and edges. Simple line averaging is applied to unknown uniform regions, whereas unknown edge pixels are interpolated after calculation of slopes using gradient orientations of neighboring known edge pixels. As a post-processing step, bilateral filter is applied to interpolated edge regions in order to enhance the interpolated edges.

Keywords: Edge Detection, linear interpolation, gradient orientation, image upscaling, slope tracing

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