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1 Enriched Education: The Classroom as a Learning Network through Video Game Narrative Development

Authors: Wayne DeFehr


This study is rooted in a pedagogical approach that emphasizes student engagement as fundamental to meaningful learning in the classroom. This approach creates a paradigmatic shift, from a teaching practice that reinforces the teacher’s central authority to a practice that disperses that authority among the students in the classroom through networks that they themselves develop. The methodology of this study about creating optimal conditions for learning in the classroom includes providing a conceptual framework within which the students work, as well as providing clearly stated expectations for work standards, content quality, group methodology, and learning outcomes. These learning conditions are nurtured in a variety of ways. First, nearly every class includes a lecture from the professor with key concepts that students need in order to complete their work successfully. Secondly, students build on this scholarly material by forming their own networks, where students face each other and engage with each other in order to collaborate their way to solving a particular problem relating to the course content. Thirdly, students are given short, medium, and long-term goals. Short term goals relate to the week’s topic and involve workshopping particular issues relating to that stage of the course. The medium-term goals involve students submitting term assignments that are evaluated according to a well-defined rubric. And finally, long-term goals are achieved by creating a capstone project, which is celebrated and shared with classmates and interested friends on the final day of the course. The essential conclusions of the study are drawn from courses that focus on video game narrative. Enthusiastic student engagement is created not only with the dynamic energy and expertise of the instructor, but also with the inter-dependence of the students on each other to build knowledge, acquire skills, and achieve successful results.

Keywords: Education, Collaboration, Learning Networks, Video Games

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